TikTok Among the Most Popular Applications Used in China

When an app begins to grow in popularity across China, it is not long before there is a global clamour for the app elsewhere. China has become a leader in the world when it comes to advertising and showing off quality technology. They have become well-regarded around the world as technological experts; geniuses when it comes to finding the next ‘killer app’. One of the best examples of this was China-based social media app TikTok.

In a very short space of time, TikTok has provided people with a video-friendly, easy to use social media app. Popular around the world, with hundreds of millions of unique users per month, the app sees most of its usage come from China. Did you know, for example, that China has something in the region of 400 million daily active users?

That is an incredible sum and shows the mass popularity of the software in China. It has become among the most popular apps in the country, though it is still behind the massive WeChat app that has become another social media staple for Chinese users.

As a nation that prides itself on its massive technological upheaval in the last decades, China has continued to grow and develop at an exponential rate. Their ability to create innovative tools that can offer people a simpler, easier app experience has become one of their most premium selling points. More importantly, though, the TikTok app has exploded due to the fact that it has so many numbers behind it.

Whether it is creators looking to buy TikTok likes to tap into that massive audience or it is influencers looking to find a larger audience than ever, TikTok is becoming the go-to place for people searching for some added creativity.

TikTok has become a social media titan in just two years

Globally launched in 2018, China was already more than aware of the potential of TikTok. The app had exploded across the scene, and was becoming a domestic success. However, with many other Chinese-made apps beginning to find a global audience, it was decided that TikTok would be taken out to the wider world and provided to a global audience.

Now available in over 150 nations, TikTok has become the premium social media tool for China. Having used technology to help further establish itself as a global player, it is down to apps like TikTok that generations will soften their thinking around China. Having become a nation with so many innovations and ideas put in place, TikTok has become the ideal tool to show the new China; interesting, fresh, and full of innovative ideas that other nations are simply not willing to commit to and try out.

Therefore, it is easy to see where the passion and the interest for TikTok has come from. This has become a global app with a massive audience, and has the potential to really explode into one of the most game-changing apps in the world.

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