Is it true that some people can’t do math at all?

Humans are all equipped with learning capabilities. The most notable example of this theory is learning languages. This ability is highly seen among the babies. They learn to walk, talk and recognize their mom and dads. It is said that humans have the innate ability to form grammatical structures in our mind. That is how babies learn languages and that is why any adult can learn and improve their language learning skill anytime. Scientists argue that this capacity is not only applicable to linguistics but mathematics as well.

How do people learn math?

To answer this question there has been 20 years of research.  Firstly humans are born with the ability to understand the concept of numbers. Secondly, humans seem to understand that numbers and spaces are related. The relationship between these numbers and spaces later develops into math. Hence it can be said that we all have the capacity to learn the basic math skill that can go on till we pass the 12th grade.

What helps them learn math in the modern world?

Thanks to modern education system, we have a lot of resources at our doorstep. Firstly we are blessed with textbooks by educators and professional mathematician, who formulate specific framework for learning. Apart from textbooks there are guide books by various university professors who teach student how to solve problems and understand the subject in a better way. These guide books have model question paper in them loaded with exercises. These question paper are based on actual examples as conducted by various examination boards. There are model maths question paper for class 6, 7, 8 going on till 12. Even college students have practiced on question papers. . It is a very effective way to grasp all the important concepts and find solutions to mathematical problems.In general all students are advised to solve at least previous 10 years of model questions. If any student practices on them, he or she will find board exams much easier!

How can students be successful in math?

The National Mathematics Advisory Panel argued that all students need three basic method for learning of math; factual, procedural and conceptual. Factual refers to the knowledge of mathematics in our memory. For example multiplication tables or simple subtraction and addition. A procedural knowledge is the step by step method involving in solving math problems, like we see in Algebra. Conceptual knowledge refers to the basic concept underlying math. If your concepts are not clear, you can never do well in math. This is very important when solving question papers. In cbse class 6 math study material, focus is not always on clearing the concepts. It is more about practicing. The actual concepts are cleared when you are in kindergarten. Researchers say that math is not a hard subject, but those rare students who are unable to perform in spite of hours of practice lack the conceptual understanding of math. Their instructor should work on clearing concepts, practicing comes much later!

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