How to Prepare For SAT Exams

Many colleges or universities in the US setup entrance exam for the students to showcase their knowledge. The students of Class 10th and 12th are expected to knowmath, reading, writing, and language to appear in the SAT exam. There is no set date for the students to give an exam. They can give after 2 months or after 6 months depending on the availability of the test center and test date.

Here are certain tips for the students to prepare for SAT exam dates 2021

  1. Read the passage carefully- No matter how good are you at reading. When attempting the exam, try to focus on the passage and understand what they are asking. The answer is hidden in the passage only. The best tip for improving reading skills is to start reading the American passages. It will improve your vocabulary, plus your reading capacity to compete with the time. Time is the biggest barrier and thus, try to match your speed with the time and do not take much time in attempting one section.
  2. Thorough knowledge of maths- Attempting SAT exams, is not a cup of tea for everyone. One needs to have a strong base in maths so that they perform well in the exam. A lot of practice papers are available online and students should take them into account when practicing for the exam. Maths section is divided into two parts- one with the use of a calculator and the second without a calculator. Therefore, it is important to retain speed and complete within time.
  3. Know your weaknesses- While practicing you will get to know where you are lacking and thus, it becomes important to work on the weak areas. For example- you are weak in writing or maths, then try to solve the question papers as much as possible. Practice never get waste. If you are thinking to appear in an exam after 2 months, then you should devote maximum time to practicing.
  4. Be transparent with SAT scores- Every university in the US has its criteria for selection. Therefore, students should keep one thing in mind before starting their preparation that makes their aim of achieving a good score and not focus on minimum grades.
  5. Take mock tests- Once you have revised all the topics of maths, reading, writing, take a mock test as it will help a lot in recapturing all the topics that you have learned earlier. Plus, it helps give you a brief idea about how the exam will come in finals.
  6. Take plenty of sleep- Do not take the stress and overburden yourself with too many books and references and end with insomnia. Take between breaks, eat a healthy diet, and proper nap if you want to score good grades in finals.

To conclude-

SAT exam is not as easy as it seems to people. The universities in the US setup the exam for the students to showcase their skills. These above-mentioned tips are useful for the students who are thinking of appearing in SAT 2021.

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