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Many of us love to travel around the world! But my suggestion would be before embarking a journey for a world tour, try exploring India. India is a place with a vast geographical variation. It has hidden gems of natural beauty everywhere. Each and every state has its own attraction and you must visit them at least once in your life time.

In fact, you should make a trip and cover as much as in one trip. For example you could visit the seven sisters, or the north India or south India. Tour packages can actually help you out a lot.

I remember this one trip that I took to Gujarat and Rajasthan. Exploring west was never a part of my plan until one of my friends went there and shared her amazing experience with me.

When it came to Gujarat I decided to stay in the capital city- Ahmedabad! And I must say there are some good resorts in Ahmadabad. Apart from the great resorts, you should also try the local markets. Because of the great culture and heritages, Ahmedabad has a lot to offer when it comes to shopping. You would find different types of dupattas and gota-patti work and also mirror work fabrics, which they specialise in. Also, don’t forget to enjoy the street food and the authentic Guajarati meals.

Also, there are a bunch of places that one could see if you are visiting Ahmedabad. Just to name a few, you could go to the:

  • Sabarmati aashram
  • Kankaria lake
  • Adlajstepwell
  • Gujarat science city
  • Bhadra fort

These are few of the many tourist attractions in the city. So, make sure don’t miss out these fun places. Plan your next trip and I hope the western side of our country leaves you totally amused.

Moving on to the other state that I had to visit- Rajasthan! When it was about going to Rajasthan I knew I wanted to do couple of things and amongst them, a camel ride in the dessert was a must. To see a land filled with sand till the horizon can give you Goosebumps.

In Rajasthan, I chose to stay in Jaipur. Jaipur is often known as the pink city. It has an amazing history and also it has many forts and palaces that one can see. So, if you are interested in history, thendon’t miss out on these beauties.

So, I hope a little insight would have definitely tempted you to visit these two lovely states. Also, I would like to advise all you folks to make sure that you do your hotel bookings in advance. Last minute booking may not be as good as one might think. Because when it came to my trip, I made sure I looked up for hotels in Ahmedabad Gujarat India way ahead. Also, I used the very same technique for Rajasthan tour.

I hope this little tip makes each and every trip of yours much more comfortable and successful.

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