Earn targeted inbound traffic by combining Instagram and email marketing efforts!

Webmasters and marketers prefer email marketing and Instagram for boosting the sales of your business. Bringing them together helps you as a business owner get the competitive edge in the market. If you use social media images in the emails you give to your clients you will be able to boost engagement. In fact, if you can use the right images in your social media marketing campaigns, this largely helps you to transform followers into loyal customers with success! 

How can email marketing and Instagram bring success to your business?

Unfortunately, many businesses do not know how to utilize Instagram for the success of their business. This is where email marketing steps in to help. Before understanding how both of them function together, it is crucial for you first to understand how Instagram plays a vital role in boosting the sales of your business online.

If you examine Instagram today, you will find it is one of the most popular social media platforms on the Internet with a registered user base of over 800 million people. This means if you are not using Instagram, you are unable to tap into this huge target audience for your brand and business. Moreover, if you take a look at Instagram, you will find it is a visual marketing platform. There is no need for you to create content and try to market the information. All you need to do is take good quality pictures and upload them to the Internet. This will attract many targeted customers to your brand primarily because images can speak a thousand words. The photos you upload and post should be relevant to your brand and this, in turn, will boost your business and sales.

Ways to optimize Instagram and email marketing

Combining email and Instagram marketing will mainly help you to reach out to the targeted audience. Here, you should include an email sign up form on your Instagram profile. Here users can fill in the details of themselves and get regular emails from you. This can be done in the form of a link that you add to the bio of your Instagram page.

Be regular with your emails and Instagram posts

Email marketing helps you inform the customer about the latest developments of your products and services. When you are combining email marketing and Instagram ensure that you post on the page regularly. When it comes to posting you do not have to overwhelm the customer with lots of pictures and images. You can use a good quality automation software like Gramista for your needs so that your network is aware of the latest developments that are taking place in your business.

When you are creating a sign-up form for email marketing on your Instagram page, try to include slots that will give you information about the customer. This will help you to gauge the tastes and the preferences of the customer. Once you know the age group and the tastes of the customer, it becomes simple for you to market the goods and services that you wish to promote.

Provide incentives 

When you are creating a sign in form, you may attract the attention of the customer by providing incentives. This has worked for some businesses that have targeted more sales and traffic. The incentives that work are discounts, promo codes, product samples, etc.

Lead nurturing and content 

It is prudent for you to nurture your leads with content that is relevant to your business. This, of course, needs a bit of research. When you are looking for leads, it is crucial for you to know what pages your customers follow, what are their interests and preferences, buying patterns and history, etc. Once you are aware of their background and purchasing habits, the next step is to push them subtly for sales.

Give your customers a very good experience 

When you are attempting to sell your goods and services, it is prudent to ensure your customers get a very good experience. Good experiences help you to make your customers happy and satisfied.

When customers are happy, they will be the source of good leads, and this goes a very long way in boosting the sales and the revenue of your business. Word of mouth marketing is very powerful, and it helps you gain trust, credibility, and confidence in the market.

Once the sign-ins start to grow, you should build an email list. Since most of your customers have signed in via Instagram, they will be treated to interactive and useful content. The most important responsibility you have is to keep them engaged with your posts so that they are happy with your company and become loyal customers.

Author Bio: Graham Tiles is a webmaster and digital marketing expert who says Gramista helps you to create and maintain regular posting schedules on Instagram for better sales and social media presence.


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