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Every single night when you lie down in bed, you may think that you are lucky to have a beautiful and soft mattress that will improve your sleeping pattern.

Even though gratitude is an important ritual that will increase self-care, we will not talk here about life coaching adventures. Now, we will present to you the evolution of mattresses following the historical background, and other proves that could help you make a comprehensive picture.

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In the past, having a high-quality mattress meant that you had to spend an entire fortune to get it. Most people used open spring mattresses, but 150 years ago mattresses were luxury products only for the wealthiest people.

The Oldest Mattress Ever

National Geographic announced in 2011 the world’s oldest mattress. It was from 77 thousand years ago, discovered at Sibudu Cave site that proved that bedding dates way back then we thought.

Before this particular discovery, scientists had evidence of plant-based mattress that was 50 thousand years old.

The best thing about the oldest mattresses in the world was that people are the fact that it had insect repellent properties. They used utilized leaves from river wild-quince tree, as well as a medicinal plant that emits chemicals for killing insects.

In the Stone Age, people slept in a communal manner, where they shared 22 square foot beds with entire families.

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History stated that humans who lived in this period had to undergo radical changes. Experts

Ancient Times

After the human race went through issues of near extinction, the evolution of bed changed as well. The main idea was to keep beds out of crawling insects and other critters. That is the main reason why Egyptians invented first raised bed. They made the mattress out of wool, while other households had carpets, rugs, and garments. Greek people influenced them during the Ptolemaic Kingdom, and their use of yarn affected Egyptian culture and bed making style.

Ancient Rome, on the other hand, used stuffed mattresses and made them famous all over the country. They used straw and feathers as filling, while wool became a material seen in blankets and bedding without use for mattress itself.

Throughout centuries, the bed became a symbol of status, which is why kings and noble people used the bed with sky-high frames, ornately carved designs with the idea to demonstrate their place in high society.

Modern Times

In 1883 JP Leggett invented steel coil mattress, and he was the first who acquired a patent for the bedspring because he set the factory in Missouri. To find out more on JP Legget, click here.

After this particular patent, Zalmon G. Simmons made the mattress which had an affordable price tag for the general population and market. At the end of 19th century, Northwestern Wire Mattress Company purchased his company, and it became Simmons Manufacturing Company.

Even though he wasn’t the inventor of bed springs, he lowered the price of production and purchase, which was the initial step that allowed people to use them all the way.

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