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For someone who has little kids or pets, who is disappointed with luxurious hardwood that has the traces of warping or stains or with a favourite fluffy, high-pile carpet that’s absorbed everything that was spilled or dropped on it… How to find optimal flooring for your bathrooms, kitchens or even finished basements? Voila! Let me introduce you the best solution and the hottest product on the flooring market nowadays – waterproof flooring!

As a flooring type, rubber is an upward trend that’s available in limitless options of various colours, thicknesses, sizes, styles and shapes. What makes it so popular? Covering a variety of interior and exterior locations, its best properties include natural resistance to water and stains, durability, ease of maintenance, waterproofness and convenience. Its surface is soft to the touch and warm underfoot. Rubber tiles are in great demand as a waterproof basement flooring solution in areas at risk of flooding, as they can be moved, pulled up and reinstalled without much hassle when the basement’s dry again.

Discover in our post main pros and cons of rubber flooring.

These are a few reasons to give install rubber flooring.

  • It’s mold and mildew resistant, excellent for water-prone areas like finished basements. It doesn’t retain moisture or grow fungi.
  • When its surface is wet, it saves its slip resistant qualities, necessary for such areas as your bathroom.
  • Rubber is one of the most comfortable options for your feet and joints since it’s traditionally used for gyms due to its resilience.
  • It’s produced in a variety of textures, including rivets, dimples, waffles and studs. This improves the traction of the floor, especially in high traffic situations, and adds a dimensional touch to your flooring.
  • It’s easy cleaned and maintained with vacuum and damp mop.

However, there are a few things why installing rubber flooring can be a bad idea.

  • It has smell. With installation of rubber flooring there’s moderate harmless odor for a while. The smell usually fades with time.
  • It doesn’t have the look most people would go for. Rubber is super popular in home gyms and even as an industrial-looking basement flooring option.
  • Its installation can be tricky. Large rolls are difficult to maneuver without assistance.
  • It’s slightly more expensive than some other resilient flooring options.
  • Rubber is fairly resistant to burning and catching fire, but can cause the release of noxious chemicals.

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