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When you do your workout, the metabolic balance becomes an essential aspect of attaining results faster.

To help you with that, this article gives you the best juices for muscle to try after your workout.

  1. Apple and watermelon

With 2 apples and 1 watermelon are mixed, you get the magical combination that balances your muscle mass and hormones.

  1. Apple juice

If nothing else, you can simply get yourself a glass of apple juice mixed with some lemon juice. This will offer soluble fiber, vitamin C, and other nutrients.

  1. Orange and lemon

Take 1 orange in peeled form along with 1 lemon. Now, mix it with 2 kale leaves and 1 apple. Use a juicer to make this nutrient-filled, refreshing juice and have after your workout. This juice recipe is suitable for people who indulge in a heavy workout and require immediate energy gain.

  1. Pomegranate and lime

Use 1 lime and ample amount of pomegranate seeds to make 1 glass of pomegranate juice. Pomegranate offers nitrate as well as Vitamin C, which helps in the recovery process after intense training.

  1. Beet and ginger

1 beet, 1 ginger knob, 1 pear, and ½ cucumber, mix it all in a blender and strain once to have a smoothie like juice. You will be getting nitric-oxide from beets and anti-inflammatory properties of ginger to keep your stomach calm. This can be a part of your balanced diet when you want a lean body.

  1. Cherry and watermelon

Take about 1 cup of cherries in pitted form and mix with 1 cup of watermelon. Also, add ½ orange for tanginess. This juice will help you fight the muscle soreness and improve your overall immune system as well.

  1. Tomato and basil

You will need 1 tomato along with 2 sprigs of basil. Additional ingredients include a bunch of spinach and ½ lime. Make your juice to complete the requirement of leafy greens. This juice is packed with nutrients such as vitamin C, iron and more.

  1. Coconut and cucumber

Use 4 ounces of coconut water and mix with 1/4th of a large cucumber. Also, add ½ green apple, some amount of honey and mint leaves. This juice recipe is perfect for hydration after an intense workout. Plus, you receive additional potassium electrolyte.

  1. Carrot with green tea and strawberry

You can use 1 small carrot, ½ apple, and ½ cup of strawberries, leaves of kale and baby spinach and ½ cup of chilled green tea. The juice will help you recover the muscle damage, which will prepare you for the next workout session.

  1. Leafy green with beets and carrots

Use 2 stalks of celery and mix lemon juice, orange juice, basil, beets, and carrots as per your taste. Drink a glass after your workout session to obtain the needed nutrients.

So, now you have the best juices for your workout. Keep having them one after another to improve your results. You can also choose one recipe that seems impressive to you.

Keep your workout and balance it with a healthy diet!

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