Guide to choose the right Birthday Cake

It can be quite a task to pick a cake to surprise your loved ones on their birthdays. On one hand, you want it to be birthday worthy, while on the other hand, you want it to fit into your budget as well. Now, the hassle of going from one cake shop to the other for the perfect cake can be quite scary. But that doesn’t mean you cannot have the perfect cake, especially, when we have trusty online stores to come to our rescue. These stores sell a wide variety of absolute stunning cakes at various price points. So, you can pick one that ticks off all your requirements. These stores not only offer you affordable cakes but can also be trusted with birthday cakes delivered, UK on time. We have listed some of the best birthday cakes of all times to make your job even easier.

  • Victoria Sponge Cake

This is a complete classic! The Victoria sponge cake is an airy, sponge like, two layered cake which sandwiches a sweet, delicious jam and whipped cream between its two layers. The beauty of these cakes lies in their simple flavors and light texture. This is a great cake for someone who has a taste for vintage or classy things.  You can plan a whole vintage themed birthday party after taking inspiration from this cake.

  • Sharing Sponge Cake

You must have heard how variety is the spice of life and in the cake world, sharing sponge cake stays truest to that saying. This unique cake in built by assembling equal slices from different cakes so you can take a slice that is your favorite. It is a great way to bond the entire family over cake. You can also play little games to decide who gets which slice. Perfect birthday game!

  • The Coffee Sponge Cake

This soft cake laced with the aroma of coffee is every coffee lover’s dream. It is a great way to kick start any celebration. This cake is perfect when you need to keep everyone wide awake at a late night birthday surprise.

  • Fancy Fondant Cake

If you want to give a fun, colourful birthday surprise then these cakes are your best bet. They come in different colours and design ranging from dainty flowers and butterflies to balloons and dinosaurs. You can customize the cake that lies beneath the exquisite fondant work according to your own liking. You go for anything from vanilla to chocolate cakes. These cakes are best suited for kids.

  • Apple Crumble Cake

This cake as you would expect is loaded with the taste and flavor of quality apples along with the subtle notes of some spices like cinnamon. It is topped with a layer of crunchy crumble which gives the cake a unique and enjoyable texture of soft cake and crunchy cruble all at the same time. This is a must for all apple lovers.

It doesn’t matter if you are within the country or not, you can always send one of these birthday cakes by post, UK to surprise your loved one on their birthday even if you can’t visit them in person.


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