10 Cute Traits of Labrador that would Make You fall in love with this Breed!

There are plenty of breeds out there when you talk about dogs. Of course every breed has a special trait that is much adored by people. But when you talk about Labrador breed, it has a lot of pleasure, contentment and cheer stored for you.  Their cuteness is overloaded and can win any heart.

The wording that a dog is man’s best friend stands quite a bit of truth.  These dogs don’t have mood swings, they are always happy to see you, they never complain about the cooking you do, and are unconditionally loyal.  Of course, no matter which breed you pick, dogs make your place a true home in real sense. Anyhow, talking about Labradors, these are really amazing if you haven’t known it yet. These furry friends have all the happiness and love stored for you. And you know what even the Labrador puppy price in India is not going to hamper your budget.  Anyhow, following are 10 Cute Traits of Labrador that would Make You fall in love with this Breed!

  • Cuteness overloaded within Six Weeks

One of the total cutest things in this world is a chubby little six week gorgeous Labrador puppy. From seeing they learn to tread and falling over every other step to seeing them play and discover the world they were born into, every single thing a little pudgy box of fur does is delightful and adorable.  There’s nothing quite like seeing your lab grow up right from a little puppy to an attractive, smart old dog and having them live their precious lives right beside you.

  • Their Rich Dreams and Sleep

You might be surprised to know that these dogs dream just like people do. Right from meals to catching prey to running via fields and playing, these furry friends dream just as richly as people. There are very few things in the whole world that are more gorgeous than seeing a sleeping Labrador puppy bark in its sleep as it runs its miniature legs after whatever it is chasing. Ah, what a delight!

  • Their cute Hi

No matter how bad your day was in the office, once you see your wagging tail at home; you feel relaxed. These Labradors have the trait of winning the spirits and making the moment instantly. They say you a ‘HI’ in a way that you forget about all your worries. You simply grab them in your lap or pat them with a smile on your face. These cute creatures can turn any day into a good day. Their ‘Hi’ has the power to make you feel uplifted.

  • Dress them up

Another cute trait of these Labradors is that they never make you feel grumpy.  Even if you are trying to dress them up in a specific manner, they won’t hesitate. Dogs, mainly these laid back Labradors, will always allow you to dress them up and go along with it. You know what they don’t mind you make them look like a super hero, a mango, a bin or any other creature with a specific outfit; they simply wag their tails. After all, for them, all that matters is your presence. Your presence and attention make them feel rich and loved.   Come on, they are always bonding with you!

  • Your spot is reserved Buddy!

One of the cutest things about your Labrador is their habit of grabbing the spot. Yes, if you are watching a movie on television or simply listening to the music sitting on your couch and then you feel like stepping out of the room for grabbing a cup of coffee, a beverage or other snacks; don’t be surprised to find your furry lab sitting on your couch or spot once you are back. These have a tendency to keep your spot warm by occupying it in your absence. Isn’t it really cute!

  • Their loyalty is cute too!

Labs are one of the most loyal breeds around. Whether it to you or other furry beings, when you have a Labrador by your side, you have a bosom friend for life! Your furry lab will be with you till the end, and you know what they would give their life for you that too without giving a second thought. It is not at all uncommon to see Labradors traveling with each other as waifs, rummaging for food, or for them to stay with the owner even when they are living on street or a bench of a park.

  • Protective trait adds cuteness

Labs are very protective of their family and land. They always defend their family to the core, no matter what it takes or who they have to face. Talking about female labs, they are especially extremely maternal, and always treat other   babies and puppies as their own. Come on you must go for these Labrador retriever puppies and their protective nature would make you feel really cute and loved.

  • They are genuinely happy to see you

Maybe sometimes people find it hard to welcome you with a smile but these cute Labradors are always welcoming you with a smile. They make sure that you stay happy and healthy. No matter you return home after an hour, a day, a week or even some months; these Labradors are always jumping, licking and wagging their tails for you in genuine happiness. The way in which they welcome you is matchless.  It’s cute and always is!

  • Their Face shows Our feelings

Dogs can sense your emotions and feelings, sometimes expressing what you wish you could but cannot for the sake of keeping peace with whoever is around.  Whether you are happy, shocked, and sad or upset; you can count on these labs. They catch your expressions and wear them on their face. It is really cute how they convey your feelings for you.

  • Picking up the items

A Labrador will always try and fit as many balls or items in his mouth as he possibly can.  These look really cute with those toys or balls in their mouth. These make them look really cute and naughty. When you are to clean up the space; allow them to pick as many things as they want to pick in mouth! It would be an indirect help!

So,   check out the Labrador retriever dog price and bring this bundle of cuteness home today!

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