Eat Healthy Starters to Fill up Your Stomach

Starters are something which can make your appetite calm down for a good few hours when you are really hungry but it is not the perfect time to take the daily meal. These days there are plenty of snack options available and one can get a lot of food options on the street food corners. But one has to avoid those ones which have excessive oil and too much fried. These are not at all healthy snack options.

Being in a healthy diet is always a smart choice. Even when you are choosing snack options it is a good idea to go for the healthy ones. This will fill up your stomach and at the same time keep you healthy and full. If you want to make some healthy snacks at home you can also do that. To get starter recipes in Hindi language, one can consult some starter cook books and choose some healthy snacks from it. In fact, making them at home is even a better idea as you can use the right oil or right amount of ingredients while making them and keep the quality of food in check. There are some lovely healthy snack items which you can also make if you have a party or a get together in your house. You are definitely going win hearts of your guests by serving them those dishes.

But if you are alone or chatting with your friends and suddenly gets hit by hunger pangs there are some easy and healthy things that can come to your rescue.

  • Popcorn is definitely one such thing which you can gobble up anywhere and everywhere. One can go for variety of flavours in  indian healthy recipe these days when it comes to popcorn and it is not the usual slat and butter popcorns anymore. The best way to make popcorns at home is to toss them at a bit of coconut oil or za’atar oil. One can also blend some spices like chilli powder, cumin powder a toss of butter or cheese with a little sprinkling of salt. This will bring more flavour to the popcorn. One can also toss the popcorns in virgin olive oil or roast them. If you are inviting your friends over to your house for a movie or a chat session, this is the perfect snack which you can serve them they are healthy and delicious as well.
  • Chickpeas on the other hand are also very healthy. They are crisp and also soft at the same time which can be dipped into hummus and then eaten. You can cook them or can just grab a can of dried chickpeas and have them when you are feeling hungry in the afternoon or in the evening. You can also toss them in oil and make it a bit crunchy before eating. They are very healthy and will also serve your taste buds.

To get starter recipe tips in Hindi one has to get hold of a starter cook book or can also consult some cooking sites online.

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