There are many great benefits of online shopping; great prices, heaps of great product options and of course the convenience, even booking appointments with your favorite men’s barber shop. However there are several potential dangers too.



In the last 20 years online shopping has risen in popularity. This is largely due to the fact that using the Internet to purchase goods and services saves a lot of time and effort while at the same time presenting us with a multitude of choices. It comes with an ease of use, rapidity of transaction and an overall effectiveness that understandably appeals to all its users.

However it is important to be cautious before purchasing this goods and services. Here are five reasons why

Fake online reviews

There several websites that provide product reviews. You’ve probably come across some while surveying sites to buy goods. However, how trustworthy are these reviews? Multiple 5 star reviews, superfluous praises and endless commentary on how good a product is should raise red flags to any consumer. Why you ask? This is because some of these ‘satisfied’ customers are paid to say they are so. Hence the more gullible consumers are easily duped and purchase less these less than satisfactory products.

Lack of full cost disclosure

I think the expression the devil is in the detail’ succinctly represents this. Most retailers exclude shipping fees and taxes in product pricing to sway consumers to buy their goods. These shady dealers usually provide this information in fine print so the buyers purchase these goods while unaware of the additional charges. The victims of these scam are mostly cash on delivery buyers.

Counterfeit goods / Replica products

Footwear is the most commonly replicated category of goods closely followed by apparel. These imitations are so good that without careful scrutiny a buyer wouldn’t realize the goods are counterfeit. A good principle to live by is, the more expensive a good is the less inclined you should feel to buy it online. Boy will this save you a great deal of trouble.

 Identity theft

This is a common occurrence not only on shopping sites but also a variety of websites. More so if your computer is not guaranteed, lacks an antivirus, firewall or spyware. Hackers find it easy to access your private information with the absence of these protective software. This information could range from credit card details to account passwords which they use to scheme you out of your money.

Failure to deliver

Guaranteed delivery is a gamble you have to take when ordering online. You’re never sure whether the goods you’ve paid for will arrive on time or arrive at all. Most shady retailers will take advantage of the situation especially if payments have already been made. Some even go as far as sending you the wrong goods and refuse to reimburse you. The best way to verify the authenticity of their service is through looking at their website reputation and reviews.

Wrap up

Online shopping is rather convenient if you don’t have the tie to go out and shop. There are a lot of sites that are genuine and deliver on time. However make sure you check the seller reputation before purchase to be on the safe side.


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