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If you are looking for a cheap and funny way to roam around the streets and enjoy making local errands fun, quick and easy, then electric scooters are just the right thing for you. Electric scooters are zipping around the cities at a very quick pace. They indeed are the cheerful means of transportation. There are so many electric scooters available in the market. The difference of choice amongst them would be the range of kilometres they provide after a full charge. Well, here are some of the best electric scooters present in India with some details:

Ather 450

This scooter, undoubtedly, can be regarded as the best scooter in IndiaThe standard model is priced at Rs.124,000. Coming with an attractive design, the scooter is loaded with advanced features. The Ather 450 is equipped with a 2.4kWh Lithium-ion battery. The top speed picked by this electric scooter is 80km/h. Furthermore, if we talk about the kilometres, it can go for about 75 kilometres when charged fully on Eco-mode.

Okinawa Praise

The Indian e-scooters manufacturer, Okinawa, was set up in 2015. With its premium designed electric scooters, it is now the fastest growing manufacturer in this market. Okinawa Praise is priced at Rs.59,889. Used for quick move around, the Okinawa Praise offers a stylish look. Apart from looks, the advanced features like ide-stand sensor, keyless entry, find my scooter function; anti-theft mechanism and much more are part of the package. It runs on 24 Ah 60V battery, which takes 4-6 hours for a full charge and gives 80 kilometres. Powered by an 800W motor, it can go up to 55 km/h.

Hero Electric Photon

Offering two riding modes — Economy and Power, Heri Electric Photon is one the most powerful electric scooters in India. Priced around Rs. 42, 990, this scooter provides features like a polycarbonate headlamp, telescopic front forks, and a disc brake for the front. After a full charge in about  8-9 hours, it can travel up to 80 kilometers. The maximum speed is of 45 km/h. Powered by 1500 watt or 2 Bhp electric motor; it has a 72 V, 24 Ah battery.

Hero Electric Cruz

The electric scooter is priced at Rs. 37,390. The scooter features 250watt electric motor. As it is powered by Lithium Ion 48 V 20 Ah battery, it takes less time as compared to the regular batteries. With a full charge in 4-6 hours, the 250W, 0.30 Bhp engine can travel up to 70kilometers. The bike can go at 25 km/h top-most.


Featuring a digital odometer, YoXplor is priced at Rs. 38,978. The scooter comes with a multi-reflector headlamp and a telescopic suspension on the front part of it. It offers power mode and economy mode with 35 to 55 kmph and 30 to 35 kmph respectively. This scooter is claimed to provide a journey of 105 to 110kms on a single charge which takes up to six to eight hours. The scooter is powered by a 250W motor and a 33 Ah VRLA battery.

These are some of the best electric scooters in India. With demand and advancement, we are yet to witness some more scooters with amazing features.

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