The Essential Tips for Packing Efficiently When Traveling — Get It Done Right!

How to travel, where to stay, what places to visit – these are some of the things that travelers spend months planning. But packing for the trip usually starts a couple of days before the journey and usually gets finished in a hurry. And that’s where we end up making mistakes and either miss out on some essentials or pack too much and make our luggage very heavy. Here are some essential packing tips that you should keep in mind.

Essential Tips for Packing Efficiently When Traveling

Write It Down: We think we can keep every small and big detail in our minds, but that always leads to some essential things getting missed out. That is why you should start compiling a list of everything you will take, and the list needn’t be made in one sitting. You can keep the piece of paper and a pen handy around the house, and jot down anything that comes to your mind. Also, when you have a list in front of you and start to put things in your bag or suitcase, you can go through the list to prioritize and cut out anything in case you see the space falling short.

Know Your Rights: When you are flying to your destination, different airlines have different baggage fee slabs and policies. There are different free baggage weights allowed, a different number of cabin baggage allowed, and sometimes different airlines also specify different shapes and dimensions of the cabin baggage. Knowing all of this much before you start packing will help to select which pieces of luggage to take, and how much weight you can stuff into each piece. You must have seen people frantically throwing away stuff they didn’t need, but not at home; they do it at the check-in counter. Knowing your airline’s baggage policy would keep you well prepared and ensure you don’t need to pay extra for your luggage.

Wash Your Dirty Linen: Unless you have booked yourself in a self-use laundry enabled homestay or guest house, it is likely that you would need to pay a good amount for laundry in the hotel you will stay at. The much smarter idea is to pack a sachet or two of detergent powder and buy yourself a retractable laundry line with a suction cup that you can attach in the bathroom of your hotel to dry your clothes after washing. If you have soiled your clothes while going to see the Fairgrounds race track results, you can easily clean your clothes by yourself.

Make your clothes multitask: you can get at any good travel supply store some items of clothing that can serve two purposes. For example, some track pants can be converted into shorts; some jackets can be modified into a small pillow and so on. If you carry these, then you can save a lot of space and pack other more essential items.

The thing to remember while traveling is that you should not travel light at the cost of some of the essential item. You should instead travel smart so that you needn’t spend money to buy essential stuff.

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