Why you should add Seychelles to your travel list

Seychelles has earned quite the reputation for itself as being perhaps the most beautiful place on the planet. With honeymooners and families alike flocking to the island dubbed ‘The Galàpagos of the Indian Ocean,’ the sentiment for all tourists is the same- the island country is paradise. The pearlescent sand topaz waters are what crown Seychelles as such, along with plush hills and countryside that make for a picturesque experience. Knowing where to settle for on the map is almost a non-issue given that the beaches are all a sight for sore eyes.

Aquatic activities

Another delight that Seychelles offers is aquatic activities. The clear water and marine life have many flocking to enjoy snorkeling and diving. The island has kept the reef health, allowing their natural formation to create an adventure for those exploring the underground life. Given that the island rests at the equator, you can expect to enjoy warm water on your skin when undertaking aquatic adventures. A sea creature that’s synonymous with Seychelles is the hawksbill turtle. The island is a haven for them so much so that they make their way up the beach in broad daylight to lay eggs.


As with any area that introduces development, Seychelles’ natural habitat initially suffered. Indigenous species of plants and animals began to become extinct, but the Islanders are making moves to reverse this process. The country consists of 115 islands, with 42 percent of it protected. That is an impressive percentage given that 88 percent of the country is covered in forest. Given that the tourism sector is a significant contributor to the GDP, it helps to ensure that the industry is sustainably doing things.

Accommodation for all

Real estate is big business, and the hotels on the white-sandy beaches haven’t spared costs and creativity. They all conspire to create a dreamlike experience whether on a strip or a secluded cove. You can find accommodation that suits you at different price points. Whether staying at a hotel or guesthouse, no demographic is left out. With ample planning, you can get the right accommodation at a price you’re comfortable with.


Getting around Seychelles wholly depends on where you’re going. A GST lawyer with a holiday package and a solo traveler on a journey to self-discovery can experience the island very differently. The options available are plane, helicopter, boat, car, and public transportation. As expected, that depends on where you’re going, but you can get holiday packages that offer transportation at a subsidized rate.

Wrap up

Apart from budget constraints, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t add Seychelles to your bucket list. It is worth experiencing and capturing memories worthy of being your wallpaper for years to come.

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