Trek in Kundremukh for an Exciting Experience

Trekking provides an awesome experience for many people and most of them prefer a right destination for planning a trip accordingly. It is usually done on the mountains and hills allowing the trekkers to carry out various things based on the choices. Karnataka in South India is a popular one several trekking places which perfectly cater the needs of individuals and groups. They are an ideal one for those who want to spend the holidays and weekend. Most trekking places are near to Bangalore, the capital city of Karnataka allowing the trekking enthusiasts to schedule a trip depending on the needs. However, it is necessary to know more about them in detail for choosing the best one that fits the trekking activity.

Kundremukh is one of the highest mountain ranges in the Western Ghats that serve as a paradise for trekkers to ensure more adventure. The hill station located in Chikmagalur is becoming a favourite destination for getaways, camping, and other outdooractivities. It provides ways for accessing the forests and wildlife for experiencing maximum pleasure. In fact, it is the topmost trekking location near Bangalore which exactly caters the needs of trekkers. A trip in Kundremukh will definitely bring more pleasure to participants. Another thing is that it makes feasible ways for enjoying a trip with others for improving the relationships. Some of the attractions in Kundremukh include national park, Hanuman Gundi falls, Kalasa, Gangamoola, Lakya dam, Janata Market, and peak trekking.

The hill station is 350 km away from Bangalore allowing the tourists to schedule their trip in advance. It is necessary to work with a reputed trekking service provider for making the trip a memorable one in life. Those who want to know more about the Kundremukh trek packages can search details online for choosing a right one at affordable rates. Trekkers can even compare the prices that can help to carry a trip at estimated budgets. Most trekking trips start early in the morning at 6am and ends at 5pm in evening. The place is a perfect spot for wildlife photography and trekkers can bring the cameras, shoes, and other essential things before planning a trip. Tent camps are available at the base of the hills and a guide will guide to organize them without any difficulties.

Moreover, they will prepare an itinerary after evaluating the requirements of trekkers. It is advisable to read the terms and conditions at the time of booking a trip online. Kundremukh is maintaining its charm over the recent years which attract a lot from various parts of India. It lies above 6200 feet above sea level and serves as the best place for taking a break from the busy lifestyle. Apart from that, it gives ways for trekking along the national park to spot wildlife easily. The place is a perfect choice for those who want to make a trill trip in dense forests and one can reach it from Bangalore by a bus to carry out trekking activity with options.


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