Which is better Exide or luminous?

Simple uninterruptible power supplies that we use in everyday life consist of a battery and a voltage inverter. The weakest part of the inverter is the battery, because to ensure its long service life, ideal conditions are needed that cannot be reproduced in everyday life. It is the batteries that determine the duration of the backup power and the power of the source. An inverter cannot exist without a battery. Therefore, it is important to correctly choose batteries for sources. In this article, we will compare two popular inverter battery brands in India: Exide and Luminous.

Exide Brand Description

Exide Technologies is a 120-year-old concern specializing in the manufacture of electrical equipment. The offices and production enterprises of this company are located in more than 80 countries of the world, which contributes to the effective development of products and services for the accumulation and storage of electricity. One of the distinguishing features of Exide Technologies is its innovative vision and adaptation to changing market conditions, which was made possible thanks to the company’s considerable contribution to its own development and technology. All customers’ needs related to energy storage and storage is fully satisfied by products of various brands.

Brand benefits

Exide battery is a reliable, capacious and high-quality starter battery that will fit almost any vehicle. The products of this company are appreciated for the following advantages:

  • Increased service life – this battery for a car maintains a charge level longer than other lead-acid models.
  • Convenient charge indicator – the Exide battery series and the Premium model range are equipped with visual electrolyte controllers.
  • Resistance to low temperatures – the automotive series of this brand works even at a temperature of -40 ° C.

Luminous Brand Description

Luminous is known as the foremost leading inverter manufacturing company in India which manufactures high end and durable batteries. Flat plate batteries and Tubular batteries are their best inverter battery in India and they produce most of these types of batteries because they are durable and long lasting. Because of the brand quality and high durability, all the batteries from Luminous brand needs less maintenance.

However, being a leading inverter battery brand in India, Luminous provides batteries with the capacities of 60Ah (minimum) to 220Ah (maximum). The majority of the Indian customers buy tubular batteries because the technique behind manufacturing tubular batteries makes them separate the positive charge uniformly to provide better performance. The corrosion resistant in tubular batteries is also high which lowers the chances of maintenance requirements.

Brand Benefits

  • Tubular batteries are produced with polyester tubes rest on the surface of the battery plate. This lets them work effectively even at high temperatures devoid of getting any damage.
  • Tubular single battery inverter will last them long without failing even in the case if the owner experiences lengthy power outages.
  • As they require low amounts of water, the owner doesn’t need to check their electrolyte levels and, the owner wouldn’t need to fill the electrolytes more often.

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