Stroll by the unusual in the city of joy

Kolkata is a city of culture and love. People steps in here to get a glimpse of this city of joy. Even if one is here for a few hours then there are some things that defines the city and one needs to see those places.

In Kolkata there are some unusual places which actually holds the breathe of the city. Not going to the usual places and visiting these places instead may give you a different feel about this city.

South Park Street Cemetery

This cemetery is a place which is not much of a tourist’s attraction. But a stroll through this place can give you a glimpse of history. This cemetery dates back to the year 1767 and gives the visitors an insight to the history and culture of the city. It is the largest 19th century Christian cemetery outside Europe and this heritage site has tombs built in gothic styles. You can get the tomb of Job Charnok (the founder of the city Calcutta) and poet Derozeo lying here. The best time to take a stroll here is in the afternoons.

Flower Shopping at Mallick Ghat Flower Market

This is a unique experience that one can look for. The splash of colours can soothe your eyes in the early morning here. The market lies at the foot of Howrah Bridge and it starts from the break of down and the hustling goes around till late nights. Even if you do not want to buy flowers, watch the spur of activities here.

Grab Breakfast in Chinatown

Kolkata is a place of attraction for food lovers. And when they land in this city even if for a few hours they keep in search the authentic food joints in the city. For them, paying a visit to the historic china town which is one and only in India is a must. Here one can grab a happy and heart street breakfast full of sausages, dumplings and rolls. But remember, the breakfast is served very early mornings and it gets wrapped up by 7 AM.

Ride the Kolkata Tram

If you have enough time in hand and still do not want to stroll around the city then why not take a tram ride? This is the most romantic thing that you can do in the city. In India, this is the only city where you can ride an electric tram through the streets.  It is the oldest tram network in Asia as well.

Armenian Church of the Holy Nazareth

This church was built way back in the year 1724. This is a major landmark to trace the Armenian community in Kolkata. This is one of the oldest surviving churches in the city and it was rebuilt after the main one was destroyed by fire in the year 1688.

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