Solar Energy: The Solution to the Energy Problems of the World

Energy, it is what drives every living being on Earth. It is a quantitative property, which can neither be created nor destroyed. Energy is necessary for anything and everything to function and without it; everything in the universe would cease to exist. The energy demands for humankind are different. We require it to run our houses, vehicles, industries and everything in between.

During our early years we discovered fire and over time learned to utilize how to use it for combusting fuels and other sources available on earth. However, there is one major problem, these resources are finite. Fossil fuels and other naturally available resources are limited by design and we have used them to its absolute limit. There is one resource, however, which is infinite.

The sun is a giant nuclear reactor, continuously producing energy and giving it away as heat and light. The earth on average receives over 3.5 million exajoules of energy in a year; this is more energy in just one hour than what the whole world consumed in a year. The sheer potential of solar energy is incredible. Yet nearly 70% of the earth is covered by water and some parts of the planet are extremely remote.

There are, however, many regions which receive abundant sunlight and can be used as a primary source of energy. Pakistan is a country in Asia, which receives a tremendous amount of sunlight almost every day and is readily usable for solar plants and rooftop systems. The country has had a not so bright history, but things are turning around for Pakistan; and with a good investment coming in towards expanding solar energy programmes, things are only going to get better.

There are many companies which work in conjunction with major power corporations of setting up solar system in Pakistan. These companies have a great base of experience and expertise. With all the functionality under one roof, they provide services such as procurement of supplies, engineering, construction and OM and so much more. With a good backing from power companies, they also sell solar setups at a relatively cheap rate, which is extremely beneficial for the customers.

Solar energy is the future of the world. With our needs and consumption growing day by day and the impact of our overuse of fossil fuels clearly visible in the environment; it should be a priority to shift to using solar instead of any other power source. It is clean and displaces harmful chemicals, which are otherwise a by-product of combustion. Gases such as CO2 and carbon monoxide can be destructive to the atmosphere and cause a rise in global temperatures. Solar energy is directly harnessing the energy of the sun via panels and batteries, and it completely eliminates the usage of a combustion process.

Humans are not the most intelligent creatures by any means and we are yet to develop a lot before we can create a positive impact on this planet. As time wears on, we need to learn to live in harmony with our environment and not by means of destruction for self-preservation.

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