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Antivirus software has become a necessity as hackers use every type of tactics to hack the system and steal data or cause harm to the computer. Norton antivirus is one of these software applications that provide security from all types of attacks. In this article, we will talk about the deluxe version 9n which users get man features along with Norton tech expert who can help to resolve various kinds of problems. One subscription of deluxe version can support five systems that can support multiple operating systems.


The deluxe version includes a two-way firewall which helps the users to suppress popups and other interruptions and users can continue their task without any interruption. The firewall facility is available only with Windows version.

Virus Protection Promise

The deluxe version provides the feature of automatic renewal and if a user opts for it, he gets Virus Protection Promise from the company. With this feature, a Norton tech expert will always be available to help the user if he faces an attack in spite of the presence of Norton antivirus.  The company also promises the refund for the subscription of the Norton tech expert fails in resolving the problem.

My Norton Portal

Another facility which users can get is My Norton portal which they can use to control all his devices. The portal is installed immediately as soon as the user subscribe for the deluxe version. The portal also helps the user to manage his data on Android devices from theft.


The interface of the software is very simple as it consists of four panels which are security, performance, online safety, and more Norton. Users can click on any panel to get more related options. There is no option for setting firewall in any of the panel. If a user wants to configure firewall, he will have to go to Settings. There is a search icon which users can use to find different types of configuration.


Norton has received AAA certificate for the services it provides to the customers.


Many tools are also available with the deluxe version. After installation of the software, other tools are installed in the browser. Norton Safe Search protects the users from clicking dangerous search links. Norton Home Page consists of the links that can direct a user to the home page. Norton Toolbar is another tool which is installed and provides the rating to the pages which the user visits.

Wrapping Up

The deluxe version comes with many features, which helps the users to protect their systems. One subscription provides five licenses which the users can use for five devices run on on various operating systems. Firewall is available for Windows version only. All other operating systems do not the support for firewall through Norton antivirus deluxe.

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