Random access memory or RAM is essential for any gaming laptop. The more RAM we have on our system, we could have potentially higher performance level. This should allow us increase our enjoyment, especially because we are able to play multiple challenging 3D games. In fact, if our computer constantly borrows some space from the hard drive for virtual memory when we run demanding games, adding more Ram could actually gives us an entire new computer.

Each game has recommended amount of RAM it can use and we should check the documentation of our game to know its requirements. As an example, the minimum requirement is Windows XP and 4GB of RAM, but the recommended requirement is Windows 8 64-bit with 8GB of RAM. This should indicate that more is better, because our computer has more room to process the game data. The same should apply for Mac OS X systems and we should check the actual amount of RAM it requires. On the other hand, Linux could run rather smoothly with less RAM.

The higher operating system version we have the more RAM we require. As an example, the Windows 7 would be a rather sluggish beast to handle if we only use 2GB of RAM, because this amount is only suitable for Windows XP or lower. 64-bit machines would require more RAM to operate smoothly than 32-bit machines. Gaming laptops generally need more RAM, because we need to operate heavy images and graphics. Serious gamers should purchase as much system memory as they can afford.

Choosing RAM and Graphics Card For Our Gaming Laptop

This would involve choosing better graphics card model, because the processor couldn’t process anything that can be directly transmitted to other monitor. In fact, it is better to choose a high-end graphics card paired with a mid-range processor than the other way around. More powerful graphics card will allow for higher fps count and upgrading to more powerful processor often result in meagre performance level in gaming environment. Gaming machines with 16GB of RAM are becoming common, while models with 8GB of RAM are considered as mid-range platforms.

Those who seek to obtain extreme gaming performance should choose machines with dual graphics card. Such a machine would provide us with the highest degree of gaming performance. Ultra life-like performance should be possible. Older machines have Ageia PhysX processor, but newer solutions already integrate similar technology. When choosing a graphics card, we should consider the amount of video RAM it offers. Video RAM is embedded into the graphics card itself, instead of on the motherboard.

As a conclusion, graphics card should be considered as the heart of our gaming computer. AMD Radeon and Nvidia GeForce are two popular brands in the market. They may have rather confusing model names, because the higher numbers don’t always guarantee the newer and faster model. Just like with choosing a processor model, we shouldn’t choose a high-end model from the older family, because they could be based on less advanced technology.

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