Why India a favorite destination for medical tourism?

The only bonus point in seeking treatment abroad is the rate of recovery is faster. This is because of the pleasant weather and less pollution. This is what has been told by the best doctors based in developed countries. However, despite this most of them have made India their favourite destination for medical tourism.

Personally, people from abroad prefer Indian doctors, simply because it’s much easier to communicate with themed. At the same time, they are efficient in performing advanced surgeries and doing so puts one at ease. Even cancer treatment in india is on par with international standards

Not just patients agree that India has the best of treatments for cancer but even doctors believe India is on par with international cancer hospitals. In contrary to the theory people tend to go abroad for treatments. This does not mean we lack good doctors nor are we falling short of equipment and medicines. It’s just because of the perception of traveling out of the country for medical treatments. Some patients in India presume the treatment is better outside.

These instances ring alarm bells as to why people think high on going abroad for cancer treatments. However, only after they delved into the situation a majority of them agreed that everything is possible here. It’s indeed true that the best cancer centers across the globe are in India.

Cancer treatment at its best

Topmost cancer surgeons in the world today are assertive about the quality of treatment in India. Hospitals here offer the same treatment as any other part of the world. It has proved that even a developing country is equivalent and in some cases even better than anywhere else abroad.

In the recent years, India has been proactive about Women’s Cancer Initiatives. Breaking all the myths that we get better cancer treatment abroad finest surgeons from the best of hospitals are affordable as well

Post-treatment care:

 When it comes to treating cancer India is one of the best in the world today. The treatment and surgery techniques and the equipments used for post-treatment care are advanced to the core. India is short of nothing, not even patients going by the strength of the population. This is why India is not less in anyway.

Indian doctors:

Those in India or abroad who have received treatment here speak highly of the surgeons her. Cancer survivors especially say that the cost of getting treating transplantation cancer abroad can be around ten times more and in dollars. This doesn’t make a cost effective idea compared to cancer treatment in india as you can still get the same treatment to fit your budget.

Indian doctors are highly skilled. They are regarded as the best doctors and even people speak very highly of the kind of work being done in India when it comes to cancer.

Even foreign doctors who attend many conferences and seminars abroad have always heard of Indian doctors and their impressive work.

Elucidating this further in the area of medicines whenever new are drugs introduced abroad they are simultaneously launched here. Thereby making them easily accessible here and would leave no gap between treatments.


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