How to get Dimples Naturally

Many expression one one’s face are loved by people. Dimples are the result of small muscle deformation that can show a different image on cheeks. It is a natural phenomenon, and hence usually many people do not have it also. When the cheeks are drawn in tightly, these muscles causes the dimples by creating external divots. These small folds on the cheeks simply enhance the beauty of a person when they smile or talk. Dimples are considered extremely cute. Not all people get dimples because it is a genetically-inherited trait but if someone wants to get dimples on their cheeks, they can. However, as many people who do not have these dimples on their cheeks, and want to have them there are some medical and other options are also available.

Anyone can get dimples with the help of makeup or facial muscle exercises. If you are so obsessed with dimples, then you can surely go for surgeries, but that is an expensive deal. As in almost every case, one needs to pay a huge amount, and it may make whole in the pocket. However, there are some easy options also available which can offer one beautiful dimple at almost no cost or less cost and the best of the results.

Some home remedies to get dimples naturally on your cheeks are stated here that can be used in routine life also and get the attention of others.


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Pucker your lips and suck your cheeks in – The first and most effective exercise to get dimples is to suck your cheeks once you puck the lips.. You need to have a face such as you have tasted the sourest lemon in your life. Do not clench your teeth together but you must keep your lips closed. Indent your cheeks inward in-between your upper and lower case of teeth. Keep it in that position for 10 seconds and release it again. Practice this anytime, as much as you can to get the desired dimples.


Press and hold the indentations – At first, you need to find on which spot of your cheeks the indentation is the deepest. Next, you have to hold this position firmly with your index fingers fixed to it. Now try to move your mouth, you’ll notice the dimples appearing on your cheeks. In place of your index finger, you can use your thumbs or pencils with round shaped rear.


Smile and reposition your fingers as necessary – For this exercise, you need to hold the indentation points again and try to smile. The expression should be bit relaxed and not too clenched. The smile has to be a wide one with the mouth opened. Stand opposite to a mirror and try to get the exact expression. Press the desired dimple area to get dimples on your cheeks.


All the home remedies mentioned above are easy to execute and harmless. You will surely get the dimples naturally if you press the deepest indentation point. Click a picture of yours when you get them as these dimples are temporary dimples. Permanent dimples can only be obtained by birth or surgeries. These home remedies will help you get temporary dimples only.

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