Advantages and Features of Security Cameras

The electronic security companies have become one of the leaders in the sector. This is due to the implementation of the most innovative technological tools in their devices. We present the main types of security cameras.

  1. Security cameras by IP

Along with development and manufacture of state-of-the-art security cameras there are many companies who design different types of security cameras. For this, they have been based on IP technology with 24 Port PoE Switch that is, taking advantage of the internet protocol.

In this case, IP security cameras connect to an internet network, which is usually Wi-Fi. In this way, the camera does not require the use of coaxial cables and works on the walls of the building, as happens with analog cameras.

Some of the advantages offered by the operation of IP cameras are the following:

  • Operation through local area network or Wi-Fi.
  • Video analytics
  • Automatic zoom
  • High resolution video
  • Better identification of people.
  • Automatic image processing
  • Connection to a monitoring center.
  • Monitoring of images using a mobile app.
  • They implement NVR technology.
  1. Analog security cameras

The leading companies company also stands out in the segment of analog cameras, which operate using a coaxial cable, thanks to which they manage to transmit the image to a video processor. Analog cameras work very well in old installations, where the placement of IP cameras is not necessary. In this sense, analog devices continue to occupy a large part of the market today. Here are some features of analog cameras:

  • They work using DVR technology.
  • They usually have a low cost.
  • They have a standardized resolution.
  • They can adapt to hybrid NDVR technology.
  • They are connected to a monitoring center.

Different types of cameras according to their specific function:

 Dome cameras

It treats of devices designed especially to be installed in ceilings of buildings. Its main objective is to monitor the transit of people in the perimeter, using different tools, such as:

  • Opaque lens to avoid detection if the camera is recording or not.
  • 360 ° vision, which facilitates the protection of the area.
  • Detection of public agglomerations.

On the other hand, this type of cameras is very popular among service companies, such as shopping centers, department stores, restaurants, among others.

Bullet cameras

In the case of bullet cameras, they take advantage of their elongated structure to settle on bases such as walls or walls. In this way, they are ideal for coverage of perimeters such as parking, banks, access to buildings, land, plazas, among other open places.

Its main advantages are these:

  • Flexibility of movement.
  • Outstanding angle.
  • High durability before rain or wind.

Cube cameras

The cube cameras manufactured by leading companies are characterized by their excellent discretion, since, being of a very small size, they can go unnoticed easily. They are ideal for placement inside homes, offices and shops.

Among the features of these devices, are the following:

    • Its size is small.


    • Some models are portable.


  • They guarantee stealth to intrusions.

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