A Guide to Spine Surgery Services in India

The spine is a series of vertebrae on the body that allows people to perform important functions such as standing, bending and twisting. It is an important one to protect the spine from injuries and other problems for minimizing complications. People who suffer from spine problems due to accidents and other problems should undergo a surgical procedure for enhancing the quality of life. In addition, it provides ways to carry out daily tasks with ease to experience peace of mind. Since spine surgery involves different types, one should know about them in detail before visiting a hospital. Although there are several hospitals which offer surgery services in India, it is necessary to analyse them properly for getting more ideas. This will help to pick the best spine hospital in India which offers better services to patients at reasonable prices. Moreover, it allows patients to undergo a treatment that is at par with international standards.

Knowing more about the types of spine surgery

There are 5 major types of spine surgeries available in a hospital and a surgeon will recommend the right type of treatment for patients after evaluating their conditions

  1. Discectomy

It is a procedure meant for removing part of the intervertebral disc by putting pressure on the spinal column. This surgery is a suitable one for addressing pains, numbness, mobility issues, balance problems, and so on.  Another thing is that it contributes more to relieve pressures on the spinal curves that can result in more advantages. Microdiscetomy is a minimally invasive process that helps to remove the nucleus pulposus with a laser through a smaller incision.

  1. Laminectomy

Laminectomy is similar to a discectomy which aims at decompressing a portion of the spine and removing pressure on the nerves. This surgical procedure is a perfect option for those who want to remove a tumour from the spine. In addition, it gives ways to treat numbness and pains with high success rates.

  1. Spinal Fusion

Spinal Fusion is a surgical procedure recommended for addressing the instability of spines caused by spinal alignment, scoliosis, and degenerative disc disease. The procedure offers solutions for spinal curve deformities, fractures, spinal stenosis, and other problems.

  1. Vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty

Vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty are similar procedures meant for those who want to recover from vertebral compression fractures. Both of them involve inserting the bone cement into a fracture with a long hollow needle thereby showing ways to prevent further collapse.

  1. Foraminotomy

This surgical procedure involves widening the opening in the back where nerve roots leave the spinal cord. The primary advantage of this surgery is that it reduces the pains that can help to minimize the risks in life.

What to expect from spine surgery?

There are several things to consider before undergoing spine surgery in a hospital that can help to experience the desired outcomes. Some of them include medications, preoperative exam, the recovery process, the experience of a surgeon, and costs.  It is necessary to know the details of topmost hospitals in India from various sources which ultimately help to make a better decision.

A spine surgeon will work closely with the patients to evaluate their problems with the latest technologies that give ways to decide a treatment procedure accordingly. Patients can return home on the same day or after one or two days. Most hospitals will fix spine surgery costs based on the qualification, experience, type, location, and other health conditions. On the other hand, the costs may vary from one hospital to another hospital in India and one can compare them with attention for selecting services with options.

How to find the best spine surgery hospitals in India?

Nowadays, there are several medical tourism websites which cover the list of topmost hospitals in India allowing patients to know more details. A patient can select the best spine hospital in India among them after making complete research. All of them are well-equipped with modern amenities allowing patients to overcome discomforts and other issues. It is possible to compare the services offered by hospitals online that can help to meet essential needs in a treatment procedure. Apart from that, a patient can send their queries to a hospital for scheduling an appointment with a surgeon or planning treatment in advance.

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