5 Easy ways to prepare for the Math Exam

There is at least one subject in every standard that is difficult for students to study. One such subject is math. Many students find mathematics to be a difficult subject and hence either fail or just pass in math. Here are some ways that will help you to prepare for the math exam.

Math attendance:

Do not skip your math class. In case if you are unable to attend due to unavoidable circumstances, make sure to take extra classes from your teacher or friends.

Make notes:

Be attentive in the class and make notes. In case if you feel sleepy during math class wash your face and come back for the lecture. Also, if you have any doubts and not clear with the concepts, immediately clarify it with your math teacher.


Do not skip your math homework. Solve the assignments given by your math teacher. Doing your homework regularly and solving assignments and will help you understand the math concepts in detail.

Learn online:

There are online math videos, classes available for the students. eLearning courses help students to understand math chapters in an interesting and easy way. Also, you get what you are looking for in just a few seconds. Example, A student of class 11 is looking for NCERT mathematics solutions, then he/she can type Class 11 Maths NCERT Solutions in google search and the results will appear in no time. Also, there are multiple options to choose from the results given by Google. Students can choose the relevant one and study from there.

Quick glance:

Every day after you go home, take out the math notes you made in class and go through them. This will help you memorize the formulas and revise the concepts on a daily basis.

Study group:

Make a study group with your batchmates. You can meet twice or thrice a week, and discuss your doubts. You can clarify your doubts from them, and they can clarify their doubts from you.


Solve previous year question papers, worksheets, and be thorough with the chapter wise exercise as it will help you increase your speed. Also, you will get an idea of paper pattern and how to attempt difficult questions asked.

Students of class 12 can check out NCERT math solutions on Class 12 Maths NCERT Solutions. Step by step problem-solving methods and shortcuts along with an approach to difficult questions have been explained.

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