Parts of GRE: Prepare for Analytical Writing and Verbal Reasoning

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a test of the skills of prospective students in various fields. You need the GRE score if you wish to do your graduate studies abroad in a foreign university. Compared to other competitive tests like ACT and SAT, GRE is tough for one reason. The vocabulary and reading passages are more difficult. The wording of the math problems remains complicated though they are easier to solve than those in the other two. Considering all this, it is important to begin your preparation well ahead of time.

Check Where You Stand

When you begin, you must develop a perspective of what they ask in the test. The way to do this is to take a practice test. This will tell you the places where you will score and those places where you need to improve. See you Verbal and Quantitative scores. See if you can do the Analytical Writing fast within the stipulated time. These are the three sections that you face in GRE.

 Now, it is time to make your study plan. You can get the help of the institutes that provide the best gre classes and they will give you the study material. But, you will have to study on your own also. So, go through the syllabus and prepare notes on what you think is important. This will help you develop the speed and rhythm of the study.

Get Some Advice

Be sure to take the advice of your seniors. They will know the tough parts and the easy ways to tackle them. You can even get some of their study material and old question papers. It will do you good to download more question papers from the internet and solve them. This test is computer-based. This means that the questions you get will get generated at random by the computer. So, no two students will get the same questions.

In the Analytical Writing, you need to answer two parts. One is a task to analyse an Issue and the other is to analyse an Argument. You have 30 minutes for each task. Here you must outline and detail complex ideas in an articulate manner. You must construct arguments and ideas and also give an evaluation of the same. The Issue is about the general opinion matters in common interest. You will need to outline the complexities of the issue. So, instead of agreeing or disagreeing with the issue, you need to show logical opinions that support or do not support it.

Use Help from Your Coaching Class Tutor

In the Argument, you have to give your evaluation of an Argument. That is, you must assess an Argument given that specific issues will arise. You have to develop a perspective that proves satisfactory for the circumstance given. If you use a GRE tutor to help you through the preparation, you are sure to benefit.

The Verbal Reasoning is a test of your ability to go through and absorb the material. You must analyse it and present your interpretation of what the matter points at. You will have several formats presented here. In the Quantitative Reasoning, you have 20 questions.

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