Top Seasonal Car Care Tips For BMW

If you are a luck BMW owner and want to enjoy a beautiful and smooth running car for a long time, you must pay attention to your vehicle and spend time on its maintenance. Good care increases not only the life of a car but also enhances driving experience. Besides this, it significantly decreases total visits to the service station. BMW is listed among the best manufactured cars. It is a true masterpiece of craftsmanship and marvel, which makes it a proud possession. You can only enjoy this masterpiece by taking good care of your car and in turn, it will give you the best drive experience.

BMW is an expensive vehicle, its high price makes its owner little bit more concerned about the proper care and maintenance of this automobile. From visiting service center for BMW service in Dubai regular checkup and maintenance; there are a number of DIY things vehicle owners can do to avoid trouble situations.

Below I am sharing few unique and useful car care tips which will help auto owners to keep their vehicles completely functional throughout all the seasons across the year.

Winter maintenance routine

Cold weather doesn’t demand to carry a high-tech tool kit while traveling. All you need is to keep a bag of kitty litter for tire traction, deicing liquid and an ice scraper to tackle and remove ice from the windshields. These are the minimum equipment you should carry to protect you from trapping snow storms. Also, don’t forget to check the tire pressure. Good treads significantly decreases occurrence of such incidents. The most appropriate way to ensure good condition of tread is to take your vehicle to local maintenance center  and check tire rotation, auto fluids and windshield washing fluids.

Spring and summer maintenance

Irrespective of the geographical region you live, spring and summer are the seasons of road tripping and outing. Sunny and pleasant atmosphere increases frequency of driving vehicle, which in turn demands scheduling routine maintenance and care of your car. You need to check oil and oil filters along with cooling system, as warm weather further increases the temperature while driving, which can cause cracks in the drive belts. Also check hose for the leaks and antifreeze in your automobile. These precautionary steps will prevent your vehicle from serious problems in summer only caused due overheating. Don’t forget to check the tire pressure, especially in winter to avoid facing mileage issues.

You can take care of it with smart thinking and timely attention to make sure it runs smooth and retains its sleek looks too.  BMW service in Dubai understands the significance of car care and this is the reason their vehicles are so impressive and offer amazing drive experiences.

Here are some car care tips for BMW owners to keep their vehicles in top condition:

BMW care during winter and summer

Keep a bag of kitty litter for tire traction, ice scrapper to remove the ice from windshield and de-icing liquid in your truck in case of emergency as getting stuck in a snowstorm is an aggravating situation and you must be equipped to keep your car safe.

During spring and summer, check the oil and oil filter regularly as the weather will be warmer and the cooling system would be used frequently. Checking the hose for leaks as well as drive belts for cracks is important as hotter climate can cause rupture.   Make sure you keep an eye on the tires in both the seasons to avoid wear and tear and excess gas consumption. Don’t leave the car exposed in extreme weathers as it can damage its exterior.

Body and interior care

As a BMW owner, looking after the body and interior plays a key role in its smooth drive and functionality. Check the car thoroughly for rust or any erosion. Car wash is a great way to keep the car clean from inside as well as outside.

Make sure the wheels are clear and there are so salt or dirt deposits. The windshield should also be checked for any cracks or scratches as proper care can prevent replacement which is a costly job. In addition to this, keep the interior carpet clean with help of top quality shampoos easily available in the market. Windows should be cleaned with washing liquid to get rid of summer mud or winter slush so that they offer brilliant vision every time you drive the car.

Oil change and tuning

Your car oil must be changed several times a year and not after every 3000 miles. This also offers a chance to go over the car condition and check it out for any repair job.

In the same way, a tune-up gives your mechanic the opportunity to inspect the overall engine condition and its electrical components for a smooth and lasting drive. This helps in taking good care of the car and getting better mileage of your BMW.

A BMW is worthy of every penny that is spend on it as its craftsmanship and durability increases greatly if you take care of it. BMW service in Dubai is meant to help your car deliver a high end drive and provide a deluxe experience every time.


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