How to Prep Your Skin for a Photoshoot

Nowadays, photoshoots are not just for models and celebrities. More people are finding ways to show themselves some extra love, and no better way than to treat you to star treatment at a photo studio. If at the end of the photoshoot you’re looking to have a perfect and fresh-faced image, here’s what you have to do to prep in advance. Yes, it does require some effort to look like a star in your photos. Whether you’re part of a Toronto roofing company ad or looking to take frame-able pictures for your home, you’ll be grateful to have tried these tips.

Hydrate throughout the week

Water has a lot of benefits, and one of them is help keeping your skin supple. It also adds an inner glow and radiance that makeup cannot replicate. Therefore, if you’re looking to have your skin appear smooth, ensure that you take plenty of water through the week leading up to the photoshoot.

Don’t get a facial

We automatically think that when going for a photoshoot then getting a skin care treatment is the way to go. Unless you’re seasoned and are assured that the facial or procedure is kind to your skin, you want to avoid doing anything to your skin that might cause a breakout. Now would not be the right time to experiment on ways to get smooth skin. Instead, use mild products that cleanse and purify the skin. You can also use a gentle brush to exfoliate two to three times a week to remove dead skin cells.

Get rid of facial and body hair

You want to get rid of hair a few days before the photoshoot. The reason or that is to give your skin to rest as the tugging and pulling will have left it sore and perhaps red. If you wax your eyebrows or mustache, you want to do that no less than three days prior. The reason for that is makeup will otherwise not stick on your face. It also increases the chances of a breakout after the photoshoot as your skin, during this time, is raw.

Get adequate rest the night before to the shoot

To maintain the glow you’ve been working out throughout the week requires that you sleep for at least eight hours the previous night. Not only will your skin glow but you’ll be bright-eyed and energetic throughout the shoot, something that will show in the photos. You should also avoid taking caffeine or alcohol before going to bed as they will affect the quality of sleep you get.

Arrive with a clean face                    

Before heading out, you want to cleanse and tone your face. That gives the makeup artist a fresh canvas to work on. It saves time and lets the makeup artist do their magic. You might be inclined to do your makeup, but you should trust that they are professionals that know what works best with studio lights.

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