Heartburn During Pregnancy: Useful tips to deal with it

The fact is pregnancy does bring in plenty of changes in the woman’s body. During 2nd trimester and earlier, she might experience frequent heartburn. Her stomach along with other organs is likely to feel pressure of the developing baby in the womb. This pressure combined with hormonal changes which slow digestion is what actually leads pregnant woman to experience heartburn symptoms.

Tips to avoid / deal with heartburn symptoms

  • Heartburn medication pregnancy as prescribed by the qualified and knowledgeable physician is an absolute must to be taken as advised.
  • Changing food habits is indeed an effective way to avoid heartburn. Stomach is not to be too full, as it will lead towards acid overflow. Rather than consuming big meal in a single sitting, smaller meal should be preferred. Calories are important for the body, as the person needs to consume for two. More meals will be necessary over course of day.
  • When eating, it will not be wise to rush. Food is to be chewed thoroughly, as it helps to reduce digestive system workload. Chewing piece of gum can be a great idea after finishing eating. This cures bad breath and increases saliva production to negate acid effects that might otherwise enter the esophagus.
  • There are few foods that are known to cause heartburn. They are mostly greasy or spicy in nature. Soft drinks can also lead towards such symptoms due to carbonation. Potentially problematic foods may include tomatoes and citrus fruits.

The truth is not every person is the same and is different. Few women might experience symptoms of heartburn during pregnancy even after consuming just plain rice. It becomes essential to keep proper track of the causes of heartburn and to avoid them as much as possible.

Other things to do to avoid heartburn

  • The pregnant woman might be tempted to have a nap after having food. This can be worse since lying down will negate gravity beneficial effects by keeping acid in stomach. It will be better to stay upright for about two hours, so that complete digestion takes place in the stomach.
  • Moreover, pregnant women could experience heartburn pain during night times. For avoiding this, she can elevate her head while sleeping. Having the head in steep angle can help to make the acid difficult enough to reach esophagus. The head can be elevated and still be kept in comfortable position using a wedge pillow. Even one can make use of 2 – 3 standard pillows for creating the elevation. If a better and permanent solution is being sought, then cinder block or few bricks can be used for raising the bed legs. Heart condition while pregnant should be checked periodically by the qualified physician to ensure that both would-be mother and child are safe.

Fortunately, the symptoms of heartburn that are faced during pregnancy can be taken proper care of with some planning and medication. This will provide some respite to the pregnant woman and help her to enjoy her pregnancy days.

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