An overview about lung cancer treatment in India

When a cell of your lung becomes abnormal and grows in a rampant pace it does become a cause of concern. The worst part is that it could spread to other parts of the body if you do not treat it properly. As already all of us are aware that the lung is divided into various lobes. The right side has 3 lobes and the left side has a couple of lobes.

As far as the main cause of lung cancer is concerned tobacco happens to be the main reason behind the occurrence of it. It is not that people who smoke are exposed to lung cancer, but even for the matter second hand smoke could make you a candidate for lung cancer. There are other factors which are responsible to lung cancer like asbestos, family history or exposure to radon gas. Since the lung cancer does not have any precise symptoms it is fairly difficult to detect the disease at an early stage. There are chances that you might need a host of diagnosis tic tests to confirm the fact that you are suffering from lung cancer.

Most people have a definite cause of concern as far as the treatment of lung cancer is concerned because of the side effects of the same. Yes to a certain degree the treatment could lead to various side effects, you can combat them all with the use of medicines. Though you can say that the treatment would depend upon the stage and type of lung cancer that a patient is facing at the current point of time. The chemotherapy has a reasonable impact on the quality of life. This does go on to enhance the ability of the body so as to deal with cancer. In a way you can say that it peps up your immune system.

In terms of risks associated with lung cancer it could lead to considerable damage around the structure of the lungs. But there are risks of anaesthesia or just as the case with general surgery. At the same time the medical team is going to discuss the pros along with cons of the surgery with you. Bleeding , clotting or risks that pave way to the surrounding structure are the main cause of concern.

The cost of lung cancer treatment in India works out to be among the lowest in the world. The moment you are prone to lung cancer you would have to leave your professional life or spend more money that what you require. Extra prescriptions of transport expenses to meet the needs of your doctor are also important. For sure you are going to be worried on how to take care of your family during these difficult times. If you are without any health insurance then it might add up to the expenses in a big way. The cost does stand in the way of availing quality treatment as well. so you need to plan your treatment with a lot of care.

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