Top Five Places You Must Visit In Uganda

Uganda is a gem of a country located in East Africa, bordered by Sudan, Kenya and the democratic republic of Rwanda, Congo, and Tanzania. The country is most famous for its gigantic Lake Victoria and its unique Gorilla trail. Churchill has called this place the “pearl of Africa” and it really lives up to its label. There are activities lying around this place where game watching to extreme water sports are included. If you are out for adventures then Mojhi is the place where you would categorically find the things you are looking for. The activities are within its famous tourist spots such as Ajai Game Reserve, the Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, and the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Here you will find some of the best tourist spots while travelling to Uganda.

Kidepo Valley

Located in the Northeastern part of Uganda, Kidepo Valley National Park was opened in 1958. This place was once managed by Ugandan Wildlife Authority. The nearest town is Moroto which is about a couple hundred kilometres away from the park. This park also borders the country of Southern Sudan. Kidepo and Narus are the two major rivers that flow through this park. Tourists usually flock in here for game viewing.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

This stretch of land spreads itself across the country at about 1978 square kilometres. This has to be the most visited national parks in Uganda. Located on the western side of Uganda, this park covers parts of Kamwenge, Kasese and Rukungiri District. Kampala is the nearest city to this park which is located at about three hundred and seventy kilometres. This park was opened in the year of 1954 for the tourists and was named after the Queen. Home to almost 95 species of animals and 500 species of birds, this park is under Ugandan Wildlife Authority. This place must be on your travel list if you are visiting Uganda.

Kasubi Tomb

Located at Kampala, this UNESCO world heritage site is also the burial site of the four kings of Buganda. A lot of their buildings perished in the fire back in 2010 but the tombs were brought under immediate renovation by the government. This place was renovated for the tourists to start visiting again.

Ssese Islands

This is a group that consists of eighty-four islands in the gigantic Lake Victoria. These islands are situated on the north-west side of this lake. Divided into two groups, this island is rapidly developing itself into a tourist spot. This place is amongst the top 10 sought after places in Uganda. The islands are occupied by the people from Bantu tribe.


This is Uganda’s largest city where you will get a formal introduction to what Uganda is. If you are looking to go for a city tour, then it advisable that you take a bus or a walking tour. Maybe you can also rent a bicycle and roam around the city to explore and taste the local cuisine.

This list is obviously not the ultimate guide but it is more of heads up for the newbies travelling there for the first time.

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