Top 4 Best Uses for Door Hangers

Door hangers are extremely often overlooked as a means of getting the news out about your new business venture or just to rejuvenate old ones. Custom door hangers, one may think, are just effective for meter checkers, cable companies and other door-to-door services. But are you aware there are plenty of ways individuals like yourself can put them to good use? And the best part is they are comparatively cheap – you just need a set of good walking shoes as well as your campaign is already underway. Checkout Cheap Door hangers Prints at 55printing for more!

Political Campaigns:

Custom door hangers might help coax voters to really make it the polls, whether you’re running for city council or state representative. In order to reach people through the thousands, you might like to explore this route as a lot of before you have. People appreciate an amiable chat in their doorstep, but for the many that will not be home, stick some on their knobs – it will be the very first thing they will see once they walk in!


Nobody’s a larger client when it comes to door hangers than hotels and motels. In case your existing ones require a facelift or just need to have information updated, it may be time for you to look into new orders. Some online printers specialize in custom door hangers and can die-cut them for simple doorknob placement. Make sure you apply an aqueous or high-gloss UV coating to boost their sheen and protect them for a long life. “Do Not Disturb” never looked so great so far.

Garage Sales/Sidewalk Sales:

When you are planning for a yard sale, believe to inform other people than with high-quality door hangers printing? Within the warm months, everyone loves to break out of their winter cocoons by rummaging through sidewalk sales. Get creative this season by printing yours online. The shopping birds out there will adore a glossy reminder it’s time for you to escape and hit yard sales. Certain online printers can even add a perforation towards the bottom of your custom door hangers to incorporate a company card or tear-away promotion/coupon.

Awareness Campaigns:

Communities have a tendency to rally around one another for a good cause or to raise awareness about current trends and events. Strengthen your neighborhood out with a glossy finish on yours. Inform them about a sexual offender who’s just moved in, military services weapons person or lost puppy, breast cancer awareness month and much more. Door hangers be capable of get people to react, so make sure to then add proactive approach vernacular when you begin ordering yours online. Even when your marketing piece stinks, when you get it in front of the consumer enough times, you will see results. It’s well worth the time and effort to carry on hanging these door hangers up every month, or whatever timeframe you select. You’ll reap the rewards over time, believe me.

One final thought, don’t go flimsy and cheap using these door hangers. Don’t print off some black and white copies out of your computer and cut holes inside them to hold over the door knob. What are people likely to consider both you and your brand? Is the fact that portraying the image you want to convey? Absolutely not. So spend a couple bucks and get them done right.

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