Tips For Shooting Drone Time-Lapse Photography

Innovation is changing the world rapidly. Ideas are converted into reality with the help of modern technologies. We are reaching heights and goals which were not imagined by human beings even two centuries ago. We are adapting to different kinds of habitats. With frequent rapid changes, human beings are becoming more curious. We are not stopping, our curiosity knows no boundaries, we want to reach the unimaginable. Humans cannot reach everywhere. We want to know and analyze everything. Thus, for reaching places where people cannot reach, we created drones.

Abraham Karem is regarded as the founder of drone technology. In 1919 Reginald Denny started large scale production of UAV(Drone) technology. UAV technology was used by the U.S Army in World War I and World War II. Years later, drones were used to collect various information for scientific research and government purposes. Nowadays, drones are not only used by professionals but also by common people. Drones are used for various purposes. Some of the purposes are listed below:

  • Drones are used for shooting aerial shots. Humans cannot fly, but drones can. Thus drones can shoot aerial shots that can be used in films and various videos.
  • Journalism has become an essential field. It helps us to gather everyday knowledge. Videos filmed by drones can be very useful in the field of journalism as people cannot enter into places of high risks.
  • Drones that have thermal sensors and detectors can be sent to various rescue operations.
  • Drones are used for various scientific researches to gather information about the inaccessible locations

Here are some tips from the drones experts for a perfect shot:

  1. The first setting we have to look at being the frame rate. For the perfect shot, we have to set the frame rate accordingly.
  2. We have to wait for the perfect light. The perfect light is the key to the perfect shot.
  3. Filter matters. Cheap accessories can ruin a perfect shot. To make the shot as natural as possible, the shutter speed should be twice the frame rate.
  4. We should always watch the height. If a drone flies too high, then the images captured may not be clear.
  5. The settings of the drones should be perfect.
  6. The panorama option can be used if we want a wide-angle shot because drones do not have a wide-angle option.

Drones are perfect for shooting out of the world time lapse camera videos. For perfect time-lapse camera footage here are some tips:

  • Shooting in place of filming can help.
  • Clear weather is needed for a perfect shot/footage to avoid glitches and unclear images.
  • We can have full control if we use manual mode in place of automatic.
  • To create a 3D illusion, a time interval of 2-5 seconds can help. While the drone moves and shoots every 2 seconds, we have to provide it with directions.


Drones experts are widely demanded for their professional services. The aerial images captured by them are extensively amazing and beautiful. The property interior photography becomes impeccable due to such professional techniques.

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