The Importance of Science and Technology in Society

Society cannot afford to ignore science and technology as they both contribute to our daily lives. Matter of fact, they are both so closely active in the daily lives that ignoring them would be unwise. So, how does science affect our lives and is it true that the value of life would be affected without technology?

The Impact of Science

Scientific study look at all aspects of our lives, from research on disease-causing viruses to human genetics, space exploration, and even cloning of organisms. These studies attempt to understand nature through experiments that tell us how things in the physical world work.

The progress of the human race depends on findings in nature and so scientific studies get deep into the unknown. Thanks to research, many discoveries previously unfathomable have been made and the human race is better for it. The fact that more research is underway shows there is a lot that is yet to be discovered.

Technology and the Value of Life

Technology is linked closely to research – case in point; the automobile industry that is dependent on engineering knowledge acquired over time. Advanced technology has given us several transportation options – trams, electric trains, cars, planes, and even the always-evolving two-legged bicycle. Mobile phones have revolutionized the way we communicate and it hard to imagine a world without these conveniences. Also, how easy is it to file a T1135 form without having to commute?

The internet and the World Wide Web have totally changed the way the world interacts. Borders have been made irrelevant so that you can easily hold a meeting with people across the world through a telephone line and a computer. This reduced commute is not only a cost saver, but it also reduces carbon emissions. It’s a win for everyone!

The digitization of information is making retrieval easier for all where one does not have to print and file away physical documents anymore. Again, this leads to lesser deforestation that eventually translates to a much healthier ecosystem and better life for all of us. The convenience of accessing any information you need through search engines or cloud computing cannot be ignored either.

Experts are talking about self-driven cars, which are expected to be more accurate, hence reducing the mortality rate caused by reckless driving. There has been talks of automobiles that fly to ease congestion on the roads. All these innovations would pose both a threat and benefit to humanity in their own way, but any down-side would be addressed in later innovations.

Value Added by both Fields

Both science and technology have contributed and will continue to contribute positively to our lives. The discovery of diseases and their cures will continue to lead to improved lives and maybe in the future, we will find antidotes to some of the world’s most notorious killers.

There is no end to learning, which is how innovative people all over the world come up with smart ideas every day. One thing that is clear is that science and technology are here to stay.

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