Portugal, the land of history!!!

As soon as the name Portugal is mentioned, everyone will be hit with the bittersweet moment of their school day history period. With highly developed cities and powerful economy, what is there not for a reason to visit Portugal? The best time to go to Portugal will be along the summer but also the peak season, so the next best option will be along the October month.

Best dishes for the meals:-

One can get the best seafood from the Portuguese locality. Ever heard of the name peri- peri chicken, might also be a lot of people favorite. Portuguese is well known for the peri-peri chicken along with other dishes too. Some dishes being,

  • Francesinha.
  • Arroz de Tamboril.
  • Bacalhau.

And much more sizzling variety to chose from. They are also known to simple yet fulfilling breakfast with all those bread with butter, cheese or jam and a hot chocolate or coffee to sip with it.

Best places to visit:-


Being the capital and main city of Portugal, Lisbon is one of the main and foremost places to visit. From the steeped hills to the gothic cathedrals this is a must see place in Portugal. This city is also known for its tram. The classical way of the journey is what makes the tour even more memorable.


Who would like to visit Algarve? We mean with those perfect weather, jaw-dropping views and dishes to try plus the affordable stay makes this place a traveler’s paradise.


Obidos, the land of historical palaces with alluring cafes and the perfect place for the romantic getaways. The castles with high towers and walls still stand proud and tall in welcoming the tourist.


Cradling in the lap of Sintra Mountain, this place comprises highly of castles, villas and royal hills. The ruins of the castle of Moors is a must visit spot in this area.


Or should we call it as the floating garden of Atlantic, is the dream destination of all those sappy romantic lovers and even for the nature lovers. This place is well known for its extensive forest and the churches and fortress.

Best time to fall in love:-

Though Portugal is wonderful place it becomes heavily crowded during the summer season. The best time to go to Portugal will be the months of September to October as the climate here falls between the right weather condition neither too hot nor too cold.

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