Plan How to Finish Your Basement

Do you have that empty gloomy space downstairs where you have been storing old furniture, clothes, tools and broken toys? What if you had a magic wand to turn it into a new office, a home theater, a mini-spa, extra living room or bathroom?

Remodeling a basement into a liveable space ranks among the top 10 remodeling projects. According to the data, in 2017 homeowners could recoup almost two-thirds of their costs for a finished basement conversion. Besides, finishing a basement is a homeowner’s to-do list.

Check the steps to take to get your basement finished as efficiently as humanly possible, starting with those bare walls. Focus on a test cycle that will speed you through the 8 major phases

  1. Check the codes, consult with pros.
  • Renovations that are not usually bound by codes include painting and woodwork, installing trim or doors installation and basement floors installation .
  • Framing, electrical, HVAC, insulation/fire stopping, and plumbing work must be inspected by local municipalities and building
  • Get required permits

2. Basement walls

-Eliminate moisture, waterproof your basement, add a drain

-Install Insulation: batts, rigid foam, spray-in-place foam


-Account for Outlets and Windows


3. Electrical works: inspection, testing and maintenance

4. Plumbing

-Rough plumbing – sewage pipe, installation or check of up-flushing or a sewage-ejector systems

-Fixing of water leakage

5. Basement floors installation

-Choose a new flooring material for basement installation: laminate, wood, tiles:

-Basement subfloor installation : sealing a basement floor with concrete or refinishing a concrete floor, plywood or polystyrene sheets

Basement floors installation

6.    Installation of ceiling:

Choose and install the best option for your basement ceiling: install drop (suspended) ceiling, drywall or ceiling tiles.

7.    Painting of basement ceiling, floor and walls

8.    Installation of doors, trims or windows

9.    Basement stairs renovation

Making a plan how to finish your basement is the first step to transforming your ugly abandoned cellar into a large, beautiful subterranean living area. It can also significantly increase the value of your home, with about 70% return. This project can turn to be a serious undertaking, and it is essential to estimate its average cost and building codes standards, find respectful contractor who has enough experience in basement renovation.  Next time you walk down the basement and flip on the light, just remember that you are sitting on a potential home improvement goldmine.



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