Now say ‘No’ to Cheating on Online test

Looking at the demand for the digital use in today’s world, suffice it to say that there are many small and large scale companies that have started opting a new way of recruitment. Yes, we are today going to talk about online recruitment solution and how even if it proves beneficial to the company, there are some challenges that a recruiter may come across while using such platform. As a hiring manager, it is crucial for you to choose the right recruitment tool, and at the same time, be aware about the drawbacks that may hamper your entire hiring process.

Online recruitment which is also called as the proctored exam is undoubtedly the best platform for your business to hire the right candidates in limited budget. But as you can see the rate of cheating is equally high so make it a point that you choose the right expert or the digital company providing such solution and ensure that you get the best possible output in less time. So what are you waiting for? Start with your own recruitment solution with better outcome and limited investment today.

Know more about the digital exams:

Now that digitalization is taking place in almost every section whether it is industrial, educational or even the healthcare, there are many companies that rely on this platform to meet the clients. Along with it, digital exams are also used on large scale which is designed to save your available time and money in making the hiring decision. Although accuracy level in the result that you see about the candidate is right but is you really sure whether the candidate has cheated while giving the exam or not? If not then certainly, it is high time to think on the privacy and security issues for your recruitment tool.

Dealing with the cheating issue:

You may put up a CCTV camera in the exam room or create a security room action such as invigilation that may offer better security. But it is quite true that such options are not completely reliable. When it comes to proctored exam cheat you have to pay extra attention on the technology for the recruitment tool that you use.

The advanced technology which is used in such proctoring system needs to be either enabled with current web features or with the image proctoring features. Such type of feature is the best limit for the number of time a candidate is allowed to navigate away from the test screen. If there is more than a particular time and number that a person is away from his screen, a warning on the mail or the monitor of the admin would pop up. In the image proctor feature, the candidate has to switch on his webcam and the connection a control of the same would directly be in the hands of the recruiter. The random shots would be taken of the candidate the moment is away from the test screen and immediate warning alert would pop out to the recruited.

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