Making the selection of your first ideal broker

To get started with investing in trading you may need your established broker account. At the initial stage, making the right selection may be a difficult task. You may have to look into a number of factors as each broker is different.

Getting familiar with brokers

Even before you select one, you need to be aware of the term broker. You may find two types- regular and reseller types. Regular types will help you deal directly with clients while reseller types will act as intermediary type.

Regular brokers hold their reputation as better options as compared to reseller types. Regular types are also ones who are registered with organizations.

Discounted ones versus full service types

There is a lot of difference between full service and discounted brokers. A full service one will offer you with additional services as compared to discounted types. But a full service broker will also charge you with more fee as compared to discounted type. A full service broker will also offer you with research work for trades along with suggestions.

A discounted broker will also offer you with best customer service. A discounted broker will also offer you with best advice for your already existing brokerage account. The moment you are selecting a full service broker online you may have to invest less money as fee as compared to one who is offering with offline services.

If you are a new investor then selecting a discounted broker is always one of the best options available. If you are a new investor then hiring a full service broker will always be more expensive. In present time you may find many online brokers who are offering with brokerage for lowered fee along with multiple tool options. These tools prove helpful for people who are investing their money for the first time in trades. You can search for ideal top stock brokers in India online.

 Fees and cost

When trading, execution fee is one important factor apart from other fee involved in brokerage. There are also chances that you may be working on your limited budget. So if this is the case then you may have to consider the overall fee broker is going to charge you with. This is important so you can generate better income with trades.


When selecting you will have to consider the total minimum investment online broker is wiling to offer you with. This is the amount you can make use of for trading online. It may vary from one broker to another.


This is an important aspect to consider the moment you get started with trading. Such types of accounts do offer with much higher minimum balance features. Apart from this you may also have to look into the amount of interest you have to pay to the broker.

Withdrawal limits

As you have invested money in trades so it is important for you to get familiar with withdrawal limits. There may be a few brokers who may also request to make fee when withdrawing money in your account. This is to ensure that your account always maintains minimum balance for trading.

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