Making a Statement With Oversize Props

Bringing life-sized objects and increasing them to make for a huge accessory always makes for the best photos. If photograph inclined apps like Instagram is anything to go by, people love the experience that exaggerated and larger than life props bring into a space. Why not create a memorable time for your guests during your next event? We’ll look at massive props that you can execute well guaranteed to be a hit.

An oversized version of your product

Having a large visual representation of your product is an excellent way to brand your product. Whether you’re doing activation or having a launch party, this type of prop will have people gravitating toward it and taking photos. Once they post pictures in their social media channels, upon seeing them, they are immediately going to identify your brand and product in another setting.

Social frames

Instagram frames are fashionable and thankfully are not cheesy despite how often they are replicated in different events. Add your company account and location at the top, a caption and hashtags to publicize both the brand and event. You can place it in a corner with a background of your choice where people can stand behind the prop and take photos. Accord the freedom to use their phones or have a designated photographer. Alternatively, you can have smaller versions where guests can pick up and take snaps.

Giant Props

Are you a mobile phone company or promoting a service like ICBC lawyer Victoria-based services? You can design a prop that best captures what the company does. The purpose is not just to cement into attendees’ minds what your event is about and what the company offers, they are also interactive props that can use to take pictures with

Floral Halo

Flowers and foliage matching centerpieces are also massive props that you can get at your event. Whether at the photo taking area, at the entrance or behind the stage, these props are a lovely way to frame any picture taken at the event. Depending on your event’s theme, you can have these as the focal point of the room as it commands attention.

Door tunnels

Why not usher people to your event in style with a door tunnel? Apart from creating the mystery of what could be at the end, having a door tunnel with props on each side creates an excitement of what’s up ahead. The human imagination is powerful, and as people go through various scenarios of what’s inside, they are likely to be wowed by your venue set up more than if they say it instantly.

Wrap up

Larger than life pops are an added benefit to your event as they make for fantastic branding opportunities. Guests are usually more than willing to interact with them and equally spread the word.

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