Improve Your Survival Chances with These Bushcraft Skills

When it comes to surviving a wilderness situation, learning a handful of bushcraft skills is always a great idea. From finding food and water to building shelter, a survivalist should always be ready for using them while facing a wilderness situation. The blending of bushcraft and other important wilderness skills will highly improve your chances of getting out of the situation safely. A competent bushcraft skill management is all about finding the right resources and making use of anything and everything on the go.

Take a look at few of the bushcraft skills that you must follow and adapt properly prior to visiting a place where you might have to use them:

Allow History to Be Your First Teacher

Nothing teaches bushcraft skills better than historical events such as the Great Depression. Stop simply relying on the magazines that mostly cover a fantasy survival story and instead try reading historical events where people had to make the most of their available resources. Also, following a history journal will help you in learning new survival tactics, as well as, you will be filled with confidence to counter a wilderness situation.

Protect Yourself from Outdoor Elements

A major part of bushcraft skills is to learn how to create an emergency shelter with the help of the resources present in the current natural environment. Now, this does not mean that you have to be an expert woodsman, as building a wilderness shelter is all about optimizing the available resources in a minimal time period. Get your camp ready first when you unfortunately get stuck in a wilderness situation.

Begin with the Basic Ones

This means equipping yourself with essentials such as ropes and medicines before leaving for the expedition. For instance, when you are going out for a jungle tour from one of the Tadoba hotels, ask for ropes and a mini first-aid kit if the option is available. Ropes come in handy during a wilderness scenario for their countless uses such as tying fishing knots and building the shelter.

Identify Woods Properly

Perhaps the most important part of learning bushcraft skills is to identify the difference between various firewood types. This one is of critical importance as firewood variants have their own pros and cons that make their identification necessary. Look for campfire woods that will go well with the environmental and the climatic conditions.

Learn Basic Archery Skills

Archery skills are really effective when you are lost in the jungle, as hunting becomes a necessity to survive each day in the jungle. However, knowing the basics of archery will help you in more than hunting. It will make you competent for situations where you will need to go into a stealth mode. Even if wild animals attack you, you can protect yourself using your archery skills.


Mastering the basic bushcraft skills is all about keeping your mind cool and your negative thoughts in check. Always be prepped up to face the worst case scenario and be confident to find a way out by keeping the above survival skills in mind.

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