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In times of Ramadan, various hijabi women want to wear abayas and with the following tips, you can plan the appropriate outfit for Iftar and Suhoor get togther.

For a classy and Ramadan look, you can wear your stylish abaya along with culotte pants and mules. In the summertime, the palette of light color will be elegant and perfect.

In purpose of chic Ramadan look, you can wear abaya like an apparel and additionally, you can style this with a perfect nice belt. You can select a nice and oriental-inspired belt or if you want, then you can choose something dramatic, such as a wider belt. You can Shop Abayas Online and get a perfect and stylish look.

For a stylish and fancy Ramadan look, you can wear the abaya that is opened with an apparel. If you have an invitation to the evening occasion in the Ramadan, then you can try a simple apparel and throw on the decorated abaya.

Some other tips will be helpful for you to select the best and appropriate abaya:

  • Do Not Overaccessorize: You should select that type of abaya, which will display your modesty, elegance, and personality. If you want to match matching ruffles along with the stripes, then you may throw a little bit of the beading. If you like accents, then you can stick to the one.
  • Get Knowledge about your Fabrics: You can select light ones during the summer and the wool for the winter season. If you want, then you can try black or brown farwa during the cold season.

You can mix and match the tarhas, particularly compatible if you are going to wear the colored ones.

If you have not found as per your choice, then you can design on your own. You can select “Dakheel” for the fabrics and then sketch up the design and provide this to a tailor. Fabrics might cost between the ranges of SR 30 – SR 100 per meter.

The abaya is a loose, simple and over-garment, particularly a robe-like dress that is worn by the Muslim women. It may be considered as another term for the Burqa. Most of the Indians and Pakistanis use the specific word Burqa; however, the Arab countries’ people use the term Abaya.

Some other major apparels of Muslim Women are as follows:

  • Hijab: Hijab is regarded as the Islamic dress code for the Muslim women. This dress is for the whole body other than the hands, face, and feet. The particular dressing has not to be very tight unless it can reveal the body figure. The scarf has to be covered the chest part also. The Muslim women wear this dress. It is compulsory to wear in the presence of the men other than the father or husband.
  • Niqab: Niqab is an apparel that covers one’s face in such a way that only eyes can be seen. This dressing form is not mandatory as far as the Islam is concerned. But, some of the Muslim women wear this dress for covering their whole face only leaving their eyes.

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