The Importance of using Kick Counter and Contraction Timer During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is full of new incidents and experiences. The would-be mother faces new things from the baby every day. After a certain time, the baby starts kicking which makes the mother aware of the presence of a new life inside her. These are the sweet as well as important gestures which needs to have a record of a healthy delivery. The response from the baby is monitored to be sure if the baby is doing well. Reassurance of the well-being of the baby not only reduces the anxiety of the mother but also reduces the chance of the birth of still baby.

The movements of the baby like rolling, twisting, turning, switching etc can be count as kicks and generally occurs after the 6-7 month of pregnancy. Doctors suggest keeping the record of the kicks to make sure the baby is healthy. There are various accessories for counting the baby kicks properly like kick counter bracelet. These type of accessories let you count kicks within 10-15 minutes. However, kick counting may take up to 2 hours. The right time of counting the baby kicks is when the baby is in his or her most active form which is generally after the mother completes her eating.

Kick counting process is helpful yet a very stressful process for the mother. There is a general kick chart for the babies but every baby is different and as their movements and activities in the womb. Therefore the would-be mother’s get stressed whenever they observe any change in the movement of the babies. If you observe increased or decreased kicks from your baby, you should consult your doctor. The number of kicks should get reduced during the last phase of pregnancy because the baby is well grown and does not get enough space for movement inside the womb.

Kick counting process can let the mother connect with the child. To count the kicks the mother needs to know the timings of the babies like when the baby wakes up and is more active. The babies who have fewer movements or kicks may be less active. By using contraction timer online one may get an estimated date of the first contraction or the labour pain. It lets you know the duration of your contractions which may also indicate how your health is.

A written contraction detail are important to know about the timings and the frequency of the labour pain and let you be prepared for the situations ahead. During the labour pain when you call the hospital, they want to know the details of your contraction like the time duration of the contraction, the frequency and the pattern. If you already have a written document of your contractions, it would be a great help. There are different types of contractions which have different patterns and different meanings. Contractions may occur regularly or irregularly depending on their timings and patterns. The contractions that get stronger and longer over time is termed as progressive and the non-progressive one does not get longer and stronger over time and it means that the cervix is not getting opened and includes activities like the changing in the position of the baby.

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