When it comes to certification for human resources, one has to agree that there are numerous names who are singing in the choir. That serves the audience which has paid for the ticket with injustice. As an HR professional, you have the right to better your career with nothing lesser than the best options that are available in the industry. With the world of internet flooded with innumerable pieces of blogs all trying to justify their superiority over the other, we thought of formulating this piece, in which we list the best credentialing institutions that offer the best in class hr certification courses online.

For the convenience of the reader, the list would come to comprise of both non-profit & for-profit institutions. Buckle your seat belt, we are in for a few surprises as there would be few names that you might not have expected.

International Association for Human Resource Information Management–Abbreviated as the IHRIM, this institution is a one-stop solution forthose who want to keep pace with the latest in the world of human resource. Be it the trends or the technology, software that the professionals should be apro with or information management (as the name implies) for employees, it has got everything covered.

Society for Human Resource Management –Regarded as the largest organization for human resource management. It exists for the sole purpose of making sure that the human capital management plays a vital role in the formulating and executing enterprise-wide strategies. It offers both certifications as well as insights into the fascinating world of our talent miners.

Human Resource Certificate Institute –The first time that this widely acclaimed brand of certification in human resources, offered a credential was back in the year 1976. It offers both certification and the innovative re-certification courses online. Some of its best-known certifications include the aPHR, PHR, PHRca& the SPHR among others.

The Talent Management Institute –Recently incepted, but spent years into making. After the laborious efforts of those, whose motive is to equip the mass with state of the artcertifications in human sources, this brand of credentialing has been established.

International Public Management Association for Human Resources – If there is one organization that represents the best interest for the talent mining human resource professionals at federal, state & local levels of Governments, then it is IPMA-HR. the primary motive that encapsulates the cause for their existence, is providing assistance and office awareness information to the human resource professionals. Additionally, they also make available cost-effective products (certification), services &educational properties.

The ultimate choice comes down to the people and the purpose that they want to undertake a certification course for. Some want to do it out of curiosity while others want to progress further in their careers. Whatever you do, keep in mind to go thoroughly through the dedicated sections of the website to ensure which alternative has a superiority over the other.

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