5 Things to Know before Hiring a Handyman

Installing a roof or and eavestrough is not one of those responsibilities that should be left to the less knowledgeable. Before hiring a person to install an eavestrough, you will need to read this piece and also consult further from those why have had theirs installed.

  • Is the Company Fully Insured?

Working on roofs can be a bit risky and so you want to deal with a company as opposed to an individual. While it may be a little more expensive, they will be insured and in good Workers Safety & Insurance Board standing to remove any liability from you should anything happen. Oakville eavestrough companies have to renew their insurance policy annually.

  • Do they specialize in Eavestrough Systems?

As we noted earlier, these systems are quite complex and the installer should be knowledgeable. Companies specializing in one area of home improvement are better suited at doing specific tasks as they have people properly oriented in this area. If you don’t find a company that solely installs these systems, then find one that has a department dedicated to eavestrough systems. It would be even better if they are recommended by other people.

While at it, you want to stay away from companies that outsource this service to others. The problem with outsourcing is you are already dealing with a third party and so you are not getting a direct service. Insist on dealing with those that are directly answerable to you.

  • Do they have a Workmanship Warranty?

Most companies will say they have a workmanship warranty but what they really have is a manufacturer’s warranty. If they say that they do have a workmanship warranty, ensure that it is strong enough to remove any liability should anything happen to the worker while on site and there arises a need to contact a personal injury lawyer. Choose an organization that takes pride in their work and is confident of its eavestrough installer’s ability to do a good job that will not pose a problem years later.

  • How long has the Company Been in Business?

The longer the better, that is standard, right? You want to check that the company has been in business in your state for long and that during this time, it has worked with people who can vouch for those services. Even though lots of companies are handling their business without official offices, you want one that has a brick and mortar office where you can visit and sign the required contracts before work commences.

  • Acceptable Estimates

Before work is done, a reputable company will issue a prospective invoice that will let you know your expected liability. An invoice that puts together every aspect of the job that is about to be done is highly recommended so that the final cost does not catch you off-guard. As soon as the job is done, you will have an inspection that will check whether the job was done professionally before payment is made.

If you know any people who had eavestrough systems installed in your area, you may want to ask them for recommendations as they have a first-hand experience.

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