Top 5 Designer Bags That Are Worth Investing

Purchasing a designer bag is an important and exciting acquisition for any fashionista. Whether it is for you or as a special gift to loved one. Designer handbags are the ultimate fashion statement and add glamour to your wardrobe. They are both classic and timeless!

Generally, designer bags are made with perfection and such high attention to detail at every step of the manufacturing process, they are unrivalled for durability and can be passed on through generations for years to come.

Designer bags eat up lot of money, too. You have to invest more than expected in these type of bags. So, when you’ve decided to own such bags or pawn designer bags, consider this piece of writing to invest in bags and you will get unpredicted returns.

Have a look on the top 5 designer bags that one should own and they are worth investing,too;

  • Balenciaga

This label has been around since 1915 and till today, it’s making a classic touch. To give a vintage and modern twist, Balenciaga creators use soft and light yet durable leather to make an old, familiar, and fresh look.

Once, you’ve purchased these bags, in future it sell anywhere between $1000 to $2000.

  • Gucci

With its signature “G” monogram it has been around for generations. Gucci is dating back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries. These bags are perfect travel accessories since they’re comfortable and easy to carry around.

No matter what purpose you opt for a shoulder bag or a top handle bag. This bag could also be grate investment as you can sell or pawn these bag anywhere around $5000 and maximum up to $20000.

  • Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton, it is staple item and this bag is in every fashionista’s wish list for great reasons. However, the materials used by the Louis Vuitton design house are nothing short of durability and quality.

On other hand, Louis Vuitton bags are specially made for those women who can’t resist by putting stuff from their closet and packing them all in their bag.

Also, these bags not only come in classic leather or canvas, but also its designers have came up with new styles and colors season after season.

  • Prada

Prada bag helps women to express themselves without being too gaudy because it is simply beautiful as it is.

The Saffiano Tote from Prada brand, it is a hands-down favorite, with its embossed cross hatch pattern for optimum protection against wear-and-tear or scratches. However, you will get a classic Prada bag from the starting price of $2,500 to $10,000 and more…

  • Valentino

Valentino bags do not need any introduction. As, It is your supreme investment bag. Because embellishments on the bags are worth that every woman’s envy.

One of the most popular bags i.e. the Lock Shoulder Bag. This bag is very far from being your everyday shoulder bag because of its rocks an edgy and feminine personality. You will get this bag around $2,200.

Final Words

Designer bags can help someone make a strong fashion statement and they are women’s best friends. However, your fashion habit has added value, too.

So, whenever you’re planning to sell, pawn, or buy any one these designer bags that featured in this article, make a small research online or just search as “pawn shop near me or “best pawn shop in Florida” to have complete idea.

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