Top 5 Black Tungsten Wedding Bands 2018 Reviews

Tungsten rings are trendy among celebrities nowadays. Because of its elegant appearance, people love this. Lovebirds with a budget also prefer getting tungsten rings to keep it as a token of love. These are very comfortable and easy to use as well.

Tungsten bands are light gray. But playing with its color is not hard either. You can get this in various colors and shapes. But if you are a lover of dark vampire color, then tungsten looks its best in this color. Black color looks very appealing as it never goes out of style.

So here we present best tungsten rings of 2018 for you to choose the best one.

8mm black tungsten band:

This ring is a unisex band that comfortably fits people. It’s made of tungsten carbide which is a mixture of carbon and tungsten in a similar amount. The matte side and shiny side make a design that looks appealing to eyes. The inner side is polished and shiny that gives a luxurious look. You can give it as a wedding gift to your beloved. Another good thing is it does not conduct with electricity and heat. The lightweight design is also another plus point for the wearer.

10mm tungsten wedding band:

This particular wedding band will have your heart if you are a matte black lover. This ring looks the best of all. It is unique because of the matte black appearance all over of it. The design underneath is shiny. This seems very much gorgeous for a wedding band. It will also look good with your regular outfits as black fits easily everywhere. The elegant design also provides comfort and safety. If you are a person with a large finger, it will look best on you.

High polish tungsten wedding band:

It is a simple flat design. It emphasizes the beauty of black color in the ring. The interior is polished well to make it comfortable to wear for people. Black brushed finish looks very neat on this. It seems excellent and its probably one of the best tungsten rings. It sports a nickel binder which enhances the beauty. If you are someone who works so much and feel like other rings will be scratched the go for this one. It does not take any scratch either.

Black ceramic wedding band:

The ring is created with black ceramic. It is a nonmetallic material which looks very posh and elegant. This makes it a very lightweight ring as well. The high scratch resistant ability will make it look just as young as the first time you bought. The matte black offers a luxurious appearance and makes an eye-soothing ring. Ceramic is known to give a stylish appearance. The durability it has cannot be doubted. It does scratch a little bit but very unnoticeable with naked eyes.

Light gray colored wedding ring:

This piece is another masterpiece. The color combination is made to look great. Light gray outer area and black in the inner is the perfect blend for a ring. It also seems to be the best tungsten ring as well. It is made with tungsten carbide which you may already know best tungsten form among them. The inner area look highly polished to make it look posh and comfortable for the wearer.


We tried to give you an idea about the best tungsten rings of this year with the best tungsten wedding ring reviews above. All of these black rings are very appealing. Keep these rings as a token of love forever. Though you can rethink about getting this ring if you prefer better quality things.

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