Smartlipo: A New Liposuction Option You Should Know About

For many years, liposuction has been the go-to choice for people who are overweight and have been struggling to lose weight. With this medical advancement, which is also referred to as lipoplasty, fat could quickly, easily, and safely be removed from the body. But now there is an even better version of liposuction, and it is referred to as Smartlipo. Keep reading to learn all about it.

Liposuction Option You Should Know About

Liposuction Option You Should Know About

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The Origins of Smartlipo

Approved by the Medicines and Health Care Products Regulatory Agency, which is also known as the MHRA, and the Food and Drug Administration, also known as the FDA, in the UK and US, respectively, Smartlipo is a laser procedure that, though considered surgical, is non-invasive. It has been approved since 2006, and The London Medical and Aesthetic Clinic is now a leading provider of this procedure.

What Does Smartlipo Do?

Smartlipo basically uses an advanced laser in order to get rid of the most stubborn fat from a variety of areas all over the body. You can undergo this treatment under local anaesthetic, general anaesthetic, or light IV sedation. And you can rest assured that, after everything is said and done, you will not even be left with any scars on your skin.

While liposuction was popular on its own, Smartlipois able to revolutionise the entire process. Now, Smartlipo is the top method for removing fat using laser lipolysis. It uses light energy to melt body fat prior to its removal through aspiration, so the patient is able to recover more easily, and the surgeon is able to have greater control over how he or she sculpts the patient’s body for the best results.

Smartlipo Works Great on Large Areas of the Body

Since Smartlipo hit the scene years ago, it has become better and better thanks to additional advancements in its technology. The latest version of Smartlipo is referred to as Smartlipo Triplex, and it has been around since 2010.

What’s great about Smartlipo Triplex is the fact that is can be even more effective when it comes to tightening up the skin and reducing unwanted and embarrassing body fat. This is the first laser lipolysis technique to use three wavelengths that can be absorbed more easily by fat so that it will liquify quickly. At the same time, the procedure helps to tighten up the skin because it stimulates collagen, helping the healing process.

Overall, Smartlipo makes it easier to remove body fat because it is able to efficiently melt it down in a way that is painless for the patient. Aside from a bit of swelling and bruising that will heal rather quickly, you can expect that this procedure will provide great results.

It is clear to see that Smartlipo really is a smarter method when you are considering undergoing a liposuction procedure to slim your body and reshape it beautifully. So if you have difficulty getting to the ideal weight and you want to get rid of stubborn unwanted body fat fast, consider talking to a medical professional who offers Smartlipo.

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