Providence Orthopaedics – The Best Orthopaedics Clinic In Singapore!

When you are too giddy get back on the game yet you have a severe case of joint or bone pain, then you need an expert to help you. Many times, we often put that nagging pain at the back of our minds, hoping that it will go away on its own soon. However, that does not usually happen.

Remember that when we feel pain, it’s a natural reaction of our body when something is not right. So when your joints betray you before your big game, you better check out the best orthopaedic clinic Singapore to have it checked before it gets worse and causes more damage. At Providence Orthopaedics, they have the best specialist who would be able to help you get back to normal as soon as possible.

Meet Dr. Siow Hua Ming

Dr. Siow Hua Ming is an experienced orthopedic surgeon who has been helping patients for over 14 years. He specializes in different areas of the holistic care in sports, as well as adult and pediatric orthopedics. He is also well trained and well experienced when it comes to  advanced arthroscopic keyhole procedures. Dr. Siow has a special commitment because aside from caring for his patients visiting his clinic, he is also part of the Association for Singapore Orthopaedics as well as the Singapore Medical Association.

Providence Orthopaedics Services Offered

Providence Orthopaedics is the best in Singapore when it comes to orthopedic services as well as treatments for sports injuries. They have the best knowledge and performs very minimal invasive treatment options to help their patients be back to their old self in no time. Aside from sports injuries, Providence Orthopaedics also specializes in pediatric and adult orthopedic surgeries.

They treat problems with the shoulders, knee, elbow, as well as the hip. So patients that have issues with pain, or injury to the hand and wrist and also the foot and ankle are being cared for and proper treatment is always provided.   

The Providence Orthopaedics Facilities

Providence Orthopaedics has complete facilities when it comes to same-day admission. They also make sure that they can provide wheelchairs anytime. They also have laboratory services offered like X-Ray, CT/MRI Scan which will be needed especially in cases of injury. The severity will be assessed first before providing any treatment or medication.

Are The Treatments Covered By Insurance?

The Providence Orthopaedics Clinic is CHAS accredited. They also accept any Pioneer Generation Cards which can be used for any chronic diseases like osteoarthritis. This will give the patients an access to receive outpatient care at cheaper rates. Providence Orthopaedics is also Medisave accredited making it easier for patients to use their Medisave for any minor procedures and also day surgery as well as hospital admissions if needed.

So why suffer from pain and injuries when you have the best treatment and care in town? Providence Orthopaedics has indeed proven that there is no clinic like the one they had in Singapore. They are the most popular and can be easily trusted because of their positive track record with their patients.


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