Some of the most popular Greek islands to visit on vacation

Taking a luxury greek vacation is a dream come through for many people. Most Mediterranean locations fall into the luxury category simply due to their location, but Greece usually has a special place for many people because of the amount the country has to offer especially along its coast and the Greek islands which dot the southern end of the country. These offer exactly what many people search for in a luxury destination, beautiful beaches, water sports activities, ancient ruins and an exciting nightlife. With over 6000 islands Greece definitely doesn’t have a shortage of locations, not all of these are inhabited or really open to tourist in general but of the ones that are any visitor will be happy that they came here. We have put together a list of some of the best islands and the activities you can get up to on them. Although the mainland has more than enough to offer, the islands just add that extra luxury holiday feels that most people want when they go on holidays,


One of the most famous islands and rightly so Zakynthos has some of the best beaches of the Greek islands if not the best. Shipwreck Cove is especially popular due both to the said shipwreck and the beauty of the beach itself. Some extreme sports that take place include base jumping to the beach although this is done by specialists, so I wouldn’t try to do it by yourself.

Famous for its nightlife Zakynthos is a favourite destination for the younger crowd although most of these only stay along its busy south coast. For a more scenic and enjoyable stay head North to the above-mentioned beach and the rugged landscape on offer in the area. But if a party is what you are looking for then you have also come to the right place, just be prepared to only see a small section of what is on offer in this beautiful location.


It’s hard to think of a place with a more beautiful setting than Santorini. Whitewashed homes with blue shutters and roofs. This is a picture you have probably seen hundreds of times, but perhaps you didn’t know where it was, well now you do. Probably the most picturesque and a couple and family-friendly destination, Santorini should definitely be on your list of places to visit. The easiest option to reach Santorini is the fly from Athens, a simple 45-minute fly that is usually quite affordable, there is also frequent ferries from a number of locations along the Greek coast.

Although usually for those who want to relax, take strolls along the cobbled street and watch the amazing sunsets, Santorini also has plenty of museums and viewpoints to offer its visitors. These are usually not very busy and allow you to take your time. The harbour is another great place to people watch and see some of the stunning ships and yachts which enter and depart.


Another huge favourite among visitors to the Greek islands is Mykonos. Not as famous for its views as Santorini it does have a more affluent nightlife to rival that of Mykonos. Where Zakynthos favours the young and wild, Mykonos is geared toward the more sophisticated beach lovers among you. With a massive array of luxury hotels and villas to choose from you won’t be short of options on places to stay.

The ferry is the best and generally cheaper option for reaching this island as flights tend to be on the higher end of the budget scale. Ferries take between two and five hours depending on the type and style of boat you are willing to take.

Most visitors tend to stay in and around Mykonos town. Here you will find all you need to enjoy your stay here with restaurant and bars in plenty of supply. Spend your days relaxing by the pools and beaches on offer and if you feel like adventuring a little more there are ruins and hiking trails which you can seek out while on holidays.


As there is a small pattern emerging in this post, we have added another island with a famous nightlife and beach, Mylopotas Beach.

Ios can only be reached by ferry, either from the mainland or from neighbouring islands, with many day trippers coming from nearby Santorini to enjoy some beach time which isn’t readily available on Santorini island.

Chora the main village on the island is popular during the day for the many restaurants it has on offer and at night for the many clubs and bars which open to cater for the visitors to the island. Another party all night rest all day island Ios is becoming increasingly popular with each passing summer. There are a number of ruins and places of interest dotted around the island which can also take a few days if this is something you would be interested in.

Accommodation can either be found along the beach or in Chora itself, all are pretty similar in standard, although being near the beach always results in slightly higher prices. Then again you can always simply do a day trip if you have enough spare time and some good planning on your side.

Luxury vacations require the right setting and that is exactly what can be found on the Greek islands. You just need to choose the kind of holiday you want and match this to the island of your choice.

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